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    Window Casements San Francisco & The Entire Bay Area

    There are several popular window styles to choose from when shopping for a new home or replacement windows. Most product catalogs don’t feature casement windows, so you may overlook them. However, window casements San Francisco Bay Area feature timeless design with traditional appeal and can be a good match for either all or a part of your home. Check out available options here.

    Casement Windows: What Are They?

    An attached hinge on the side of the frame allows casement windows to open and close like doors. Casement windows are typically opened and closed with a crank. Sash tensioning devices firmly hold the sash in place when it is fully open. An interior latch pulls the sash against the weatherstripping of the window frame when it’s closed. Here are some benefits of window casements San Francisco Bay Area:

    Fully openable

    On the regular consumer market, casement windows are the only window types that can be opened completely. Aside from a thin side that attaches it to the house, you’re essentially lifting the sash away. Only removing the window sash completely would allow a fuller opening.

    Taking in the air

    A casement window can be beneficial to you if you want to encourage air flow in your home. They are designed with an open sash that funnels air into your residence. It is also common for the casement windows to provide breezes if your home is enclosed by neighbors. Casement sashes are designed to prevent drafts from flowing over the top thus wind from blowing through the window.

    The best design yet

    Even though earlier casement windows’ mechanical operating systems were prone to failure, a problem that has existed for years, it now led many window manufacturers to make improvements in their opening and closing mechanisms. The system of opening and closing can also be eliminated altogether. A push-open system is available from some companies.

    Provide a clear view

    Have you considered fixed, or picture, windows as they offer clear, unobstructed views? Have you considered the possibility of opening such a window as well? A window casements San Francisco and The Entire Bay Area melds the benefits of sliding sash windows and fixed windows.

    Only casement windows open up and display a full, uninterrupted glass pane when closed. Other windows usually feature one or more strips between the panes of glass or don’t open if not equipped with strips.

    Provide more security

    Your house will not be completely safe from intruders no matter what type of window you have. Even the most secure windows can be broken by an intruder because they all have weak points.

    Casement windows are, however, much more difficult to break into compared to other types of windows. Breaking the glass of other windows allows the window to be fully opened, when casement windows can only be opened by a crank. Despite being able to see the crank after breaking the glass, it is difficult to turn it through broken glass. Some homeowners make their casement windows even more secure by taking away the crank from the window.

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    Q: In what direction should a casement window open?

    A: You can choose between left or right-handed casement windows. Consider the following factors when choosing a style:

    • The look: If casement windows open towards the center of the room, they provide more attractive room appeal.
    • Airflow: Pick a left-hinged casement window and a right-hinged one to replace the ones on either side of the house. That way, you’ll get the most ventilation.

    Q: Does your home have enough security with casement windows?

    A: Home security and protection are important reasons to get replacement windows. The operating style of casement windows assures maximum protection for your home. Only the crank on the windowsill can be used to operate these windows. This window runs flush with the frame and is difficult to manipulate. Many homeowners take additional steps to ensure optimal security for their home by installing auxiliary locks, using impact-resistant glass, or installing an electronic security system.

    Q: What are the advantages of casement windows in terms of energy efficiency?

    A: In order to close the casement window, it is necessary to push the sash against the frame, thereby preventing any possibility of air leaks. The most energy efficient option according to experts is a casement window.

    Q: Is there anything special about casement windows?

    A: Rather than pivoting inward, casement windows open outward. Hinges are used to control the operation of this window. Windowsills are equipped with a small crank that opens the window. Contrary to other types of windows, casement windows are best for hard-to-reach places in a home.

    Q: What are the best methods to clean casement windows from the inside?

    A: Since they can be opened from the inside, casement windows are very easy to clean. Here’s how:

    • Take out the screen.
    • Make sure the window is unlocked and opened.
    • Get rid of dust and debris from the sash track by using a small paintbrush.
    • By reaching under or around the outside edge of the window, wipe both sides of the glass with the squeegee.
    • Using a soft, dry cloth, remove any grease or debris, and then spray a dry silicone spray on hinges and other moving parts.
    • Use a small brush or vacuum to remove debris from window tracks. Tracks, sills, windows, and frames should be cleaned with mild soap and water. The cranks should be removed and cleaned with a wire brush.
    • Dry silicone spray should then be applied to all hardware. All exposed hardware should be polished to preserve its appearance.

    For a variety of architectural styles, cement windows are an excellent choice. For many years, they have been popular because they offer excellent ventilation, energy efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

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