Single Slider Replacement Windows

This kind of window replacement is characterized by only one glass pane, which opens with a shift to the right or left, and one fixed panel – that is why it is called a single slider. This gives windows not only convenience and energy efficiency, but also safety and attractiveness.

You can order windows replacement with frame 2-7 / 8 from different series, for example, Catalina and Del Mar. If you want to complement your project with other types of windows, bays and onions, for example, you can mix Catalina, the Del Mar series and Coronado. All three series are equipped with a special design that allows you to have the widest viewing area. This means that regardless of whether the window is open or not, its lower and upper edges will be aligned altitude.

Some people want to have the widest view, and because Del Mar-E and Catalina-E have been designed to give the best possible panorama and for this they have a narrower frame. These windows were designed to open as much space as possible, which would be useful in the event of an emergency escape. Anlin offers a great selection of all types of windows and is always ready to help you with the choice.

If you still can not decide which window type is most suitable for your home, then pay attention to the characteristics listed below and compare them.

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See the detailed description on the manufacturer’s website: Del Mar Single Slider Window, Catalina Single Slider Window,

We care for safety and that is why our engineers improved exterior glaze, so that the window could be broken only fromthe inside the house.
Frame and sash that were architecturally slanted make your house looks elegant, neat and nice.
Glass units were thickened to 3/4″ for maximal EE, due to double-strength standard.
To reduce acoustic transmission, U-factors and resistance of condensation we use Platinum Elite triple-chambered silicone foam spacer.
For maximal EE and waterproof strength we make fusion-welded corners with numerous insulation chambers (wall thickness is .080).
A gusket is formed around the insulated glazing by glassing stop’s “compression”, thus makes it waterproof.
In order to reduce condensation on sash and frame, a dual-wall glazing structure is used.
Life-time warranty. You may not be afraid of accidental glass breakage! Labor, replacement parts and transfer – included.
Our windows were certified by American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA “Gold”label)
They were also certified by National Fenestration Rating Council Thermal Performance.
Our windows passed voluntary stringent test on resistance “Forced Entry”.




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