Each of these systems is the undisputed leader in the field of thermal and energy-efficient performance. And remember: the high-quality door installation on the “Patio” system eliminates the possibility of drafts and fogging.

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See the detailed description on the manufacturer’s website: Malibu Sliding Patio Doors.

Style option

Sliding & fixed panel options


Height: 8′
Width: from 5′ to 12′

– 8 ft sliding patio door
– 96 x 80 sliding patio door
– 8 foot sliding glass door
– 96 inch sliding patio doors
– 60 x 80 patio door
– 72×80 sliding patio door
– 96×80 patio door
– 60 x 80 sliding patio door
– 72×80 sliding glass door
– 8 foot patio door
– 72×80 patio door
– 108 inch sliding patio door
– 8ft patio doors
– 96×80 sliding glass door
– 60 inch sliding patio door
– 96 sliding patio door
– 72×76 sliding glass door
– 6 ft sliding door
– 96 inch sliding glass door
– 96 patio door
– 5 foot patio door
– 60 patio door
– 8 foot sliding patio door
– 6 foot patio door
– 48 patio door
– 60×80 sliding door
– 96 inch patio door

Frame colors

Door handles

Grid styles

Grid patterns


Insulated Glass Unit — All Anlin Replacement Sliding Patio Doors are built standard with one of two exclusive Glazing Systems: Infinit-e Plus High Performance Glazing System or QuadraTherm Ultimate Dual Pane Insulation System. Both lead the industry in thermal performance.

Safety / Tempered Glass — All Anlin Replacement Sliding Patio Doors come standard with optional tempered glass, which if broken, disintegrates into hundreds of small pieces, thereby helping prevent a possible injury.

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