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Best Exteriors are located in California and are experts in all exterior types of work, including door installation, door replacement, front door replacement and installation, French door replacement and installation, double door replacement and installation and other types of door replacement and installation.

Door replacement in California

We are one of the best door companies and door supplier in California and pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

If you thinking about replacing or installing new doors in your home, we would love to help!

Doors are essential in every home. Whether you need a new exterior door, interior door, double doors, French doors or you need us to replace your current doors with the doors that go well with your new decor and style, we are happy to help!

At first our experienced project coordinator will set up an appointment with you to discuss your needs and help you choose the perfect doors for your home. Together we will pick the doors that are perfect fit your interior, make you feel safe and make your home even more cozy and comfortable.

Prior to starting the work, we will take all necessary measurements of your current doors and all spaces. Then we will check each side of the door to ensure the even height. Door sides don’t have to be exact height and width, but it’s preferable that they are pretty similar to allow sufficient space for your new door. We will also measure floor spaces to ensure they are always level before installing the new doors. This prior preparation will help us to accurately estimate the amount of work involved.

Once the estimate is reviewed and approved by you, we will set up an appointment for your new door installation, and will ask you to get ready for it. We strive to deliver excellent and fast service and you can be assured that we will complete the work as promised.

As always with construction work, you will need to prepare your spaces inside and outside for our door installation contractors. To get ready you will need to move all items that might be close or obstructing your current doors and spaces around the doors to allow more room for our contractors, this may include rags, floor mats, plants or any furniture indoors and outdoors that might be close to the door spaces.

On the day of your door installation appointment, our contractors will bring in your new doors and will get ready for your new door installation. At first we will make sure your doors are properly fitting into the openings, and will leave enough space for carpet or finish if your floor is unfinished.

In the next step our contractors make sure the door opens and closes as needed without any difficulties. The door should come in contact with the door stop without any problems. In case the door does not function properly, our experts will make some adjustments prior to door installation.

Once the door is properly installed and secured, we will test it to ensure its proper fit and will install the lock set and handles as necessary.  As always we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service and will present you with a warranty to back up our words

Door installation

As your local door dealer Best Exteriors provides full door replacement service. If you are thinking about replacing your doors, we will be happy to help!

Door replacement process is similar to door installation process, but it requires a little more work as we will need to remove the old doors.

Our experienced specialist will visit you at your home to discuss your needs, help you choose new doors, and take the measurements of the openings. Once the amount of work is estimated and approved by you, we will set up an appointment for your door replacement.

Prior to the appointment, as always with construction work, you would need to prepare all spaces around the doors by moving rags, floor mats, your furniture, plants and decor that might obstruct the spaces around the doors. This will allow our contractors to move freely when removing and installing your new doors.

On the day of your appointment, the contractors will arrive to your home ready for work. They will protect your items and the floor with a special cover or cloth.

Our contractors then will remove your old doors. Since the doors are heavy it’s essential to give contractors room to move freely inside and outside of your house to avoid any possible damage and injuries.

The process of installing new doors is very similar to the process described above. The openings will be prepared for the new door installation and the new doors will be installed. Once the doors are installed and open and close and fit perfectly, we will install lock set and handles as necessary.

With 15 years in business, we truly are exterior specialists, and were praised by our customers as best door company and door dealer in California. We are proud to provide exceptional service to all our clients and provide you with warranty to back up our words.

French door replacement

Looking to install French doors? Best Exteriors also specializes in French door replacement. The process is very similar to door replacement and installation.

We will start your French door replacement by carefully removing your current French door. Usually, French door can be easily removed by taking the screws out and lifting it up. French doors are heavy and our contractors will require a sufficient amount of space to move around to lift the French door and carry it out.

Once the door is removed from the opening, we will proceed with your new French door installation.

We will start by measuring the openings. The door needs to be ½ to ¾ inch smaller than the rough opening. Our team will also cross verify that the rough opening is the appropriate size. Then we will apply sealant to the back of the sill pan. The next step is fitting the door into the fully prepared opening and ensuring that the door sill is fully seated into the sealant on the sill pan back down. The door then will be installed and secured with the screws.

The next step would be sealing the exterior with backer rod and sealant. Then the interior will be sealed with low expansion foam. Shoot bolts strikes will also be installed as well as lock set and handles if necessary.

Front door replacement

Front door replacement is very similar to the general door replacement process. It involves removing your current door, measuring the full size (height and width) of the rough door opening and installing the new door.

Front door replacement process will start by removing the old door. Our contractors would need a good amount of space to take the old door off the hinges and carry it out. The next step would be unscrewing the doorknob and the hinges off the door.

Our team of experts will ensure that the new door fits perfectly into the door frame and will properly function once installed. We will make sure both doors are fully aligned with each other. We will mark the locations of all three hinges on the new door. Next we will take off the hinges from the removed door and add them to your new door. We will also add the doorknob and the lock on your new door as necessary.

Now the new door is ready to be installed.

When front door replacement is completed, we will test it to ensure that it opens and closes properly. A limited warranty will also be issued to make you feel comfortable with your choice of service.

Double door replacement

Best Exteriors are you go-to experts at all door replacement services. Need double door replacement? We will be happy to help!

Double door replacement will start by removing your current doors and measuring the door openings to ensure the proper fit of the new double door. To mark the location of the hinges we will place the new double door above the current double door and will mark the spaces needed for hinges and doorknobs installation.

Our next step will be checking the walls for plumb and the corners for square and making sure the floor is level. All necessary corrections will be made before your new door installation. Then we will install the first double door hanger and flush it with each hinge, then we will install three more door hangers on the strike side of the door jamb directly across from the hinge side hangers.

Then we will flip the door and install the rest of the hangers aligned directly with the first six hangers. The door will be installed into the rough opening by two people. After we successfully align the door with the hangers, we will run a screw in the hanger and into the wall. This process will be repeated for all hinge locations.

After the doors have been installed, we will check the margins between the doors and across the header of the door unit. The door should have an even margin across the top of the door, and roughly an ⅛ margin between two doors.

Once we finish installing your double doors, we will thoroughly test them to ensure quality and proper fit. We always make sure that you can comfortably open and close your door. We will also give you a limited warranty upon work completion.

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