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If you are impressed with the luxury of Anlin windows, the Anlin’s Malibu doors bonus series will be an unrivaled addition to the architecture of your home. With them you will receive the same beauty, energy-saving technologies and quality.

 When developing the Malibu door, we took into account all the safety requirements and put them at the foremost challenge to make sure they were hacked. We have created a special technology for sliding patio doors, based on the fact that two heavy hooks move outwards to hold the bracket securely to hold the door to the shroud. Functionality of sliding screens is provided with built-in pens and self-closing, heavy equipment.

Swivel French doors do not concede practicality to reliability. They are equipped with a 3-point locking system and a key that blocks three solid metal pillars, one in the upper, middle and lower parts of the door, and the latch adds another level of safety.

We have invented two own high-performance glass systems: Infinit-e Plus ™ (standard) and QuadraTherm ™ (optional) for the Malibu doors. They guarantee the highest quality, confirmed by Energy Star, and help save energy at any time of the year.

We strive to improve our products, and therefore the Anlin Platinum Elite ™ silicone foam liner is the most innovative system that will provide excellent insulation in the insulation glass, improve condensation resistance and become an excellent choice for your home.

Anlin Window Systems manufactures its patented QuadraGlide roles with hermetically sealed, precision bearings, which make them easy to use. With proper door installation door rollers slide along a solid, solid track of stainless steel and guarantee durable, seamless operation under all conditions.

Best Exteriors guarantee the longest service life of Malibu doors in the industry. Anlin Window Systems also guarantees free repair of all damages while you live in the house. Anlin’s permanent warranty coverage may also be transferred to one of the following homeowners if you are selling your home. This gives our windows a booth of long-term quality.

Standard Features

On sliding patio doors, two heavy-duty hooks move outward to engage the keeper, which securely locks the door at the jamb. Sliding screen doors are built with flush-mounted handles and self-latching, heavy-duty hardware.

Swinging French doors feature a 3-point locking system plus a dead bolt. The keyed lock activates three solid metal posts, one each at the top, middle and bottom of door, while a dead bolt adds yet another level of security.

Malibu doors are available in two proprietary high performance glazing systems, Infinit-e Plus™ (standard) and QuadraTherm™ (optional), that exceed Energy Star requirements and help you save on energy costs year-round.

Anlin’s proprietary Platinum Elite™ is a multi-chambered structural silicone foam spacer that provides superior insulation within the insulated glass unit and improves condensation resistance.

Anlin’s proprietary QuadraGlide rollers are made with sealed, precision bearings for a lifetime of trouble-free operation.

One-piece stainless steel roller track

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