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    Door Replacement FAQ

    Your front door is the first step in letting friends, family, and neighbors into your home. Your home’s entrance extends hospitality to those you love most and reflects your personality and sense of style. An entry door complements your home, adds curb appeal, and provides security that keeps you at ease.

    Your door is a focal point of your home, so whenever there are issues with it, your home’s aesthetics begins to suffer. Not only can a malfunctioning front door compromise the look of your house, but it can also compromise your safety, cause you to consume more energy, and increase your energy bills. It is crucial to get a timely door replacement in order to prevent major issues from happening.

    To help San Francisco homeowners make an informed decision when planning on door replacement projects, Best Exteriors compiled the most common questions about door replacement. Call us (877)-792-6065 to request a quote!


    Q: What are the signs I need door replacement?

    A: There are several signs that your front door needs replacement:


    Damaged or broken door

    A damaged front door decreases the appearance of your San Francisco home, consumes energy, reduces indoor comfort throughout the season, and ultimately compromises your safety.


    Damaged door frame

    Having a cracked or damaged frame around your front door can put your safety at risk.


    Signs of water damage

    Water damage is particularly common to wooden doors and frame punctures and most likely indicates there is a rot. In this case, a new door and/or frame are imminent. Delay in addressing the issue worsens it and will require more money and time when being replaced.


    Difficulty opening and close

    For easy entrance to your home, your front door should open and close easily. If you find it difficult to open/close your door, then it may be time to consider upgrading your door.


    Condensation in the glass panes

    Condensation indicates a leak in the window seal. A new front door may be needed if you notice condensation on the glass of your front door.


    Signs of decay like dents, rust, cracks or holes

    If you see any of these signs, it’s time for a replacement. Faulty front doors should be replaced to prevent burglaries.



    Q: What are the options for a front door replacement?

    A: There are several most common options for door replacement.


    Steel Front Door

    Steel doors are a great choice for a limited budget. Although fiberglass and wood may offer a slight advantage in this area, steel provides the strongest barrier against intruders.


    Although steel doors go for a relatively low price, they come with an important compromise: They may not last as long as wood doors. Salt air and heavy rain can shorten the life of a steel door. While steel is characterized as tough, it did not hold up when tested against wood and fiberglass for normal wear and tear. Dents can form under heavy use and can be difficult and costly to fix. In the case of heavily trafficked or weather-exposed doors, you may want to select a different material.


    Fiberglass Front Door

    A vast variety of styles are available for fiberglass doors, many of which create the appearance of real wood. In addition, fiberglass may be the best choice if low upkeep is your goal.


    As the weather changes, fiberglass does not expand or contract much. A fiberglass entry door, therefore, can last for up to 15 – 20 years without needing to be painted or stained in a reasonably protected location. Although fiberglass feels light, the coating that protects it is very strong, making it nearly impossible for intruders to breach. Also, it provides significant insulation due to the foam core.


    Wood Exterior Front Door

    When it comes to high-end projects, wood is the go-to choice. The wood’s luxurious look and light weight cannot be replicated flawlessly by fiberglass or steel, though high-end fiberglass products are coming closer to it. When it comes to making an entry statement that demonstrates a handcrafted touch, wood is the best choice. Although, it is recommended to refinish or repaint wooden doors every year or two to avoid splitting and warping.



    Q: Are there noticeable benefits replacing the front door?

    A: In addition to being the most prominent feature on the outside of a home, the front door plays an important role in the security and insulation. In addition, a home’s front door can have a significant impact on curb appeal.



    The most common way that intruders break into homes is through the main door. The majority of older and outdated front doors are not secure enough to protect your home from unwanted intrusion. You might consider getting a new, secure front door as the first step toward protecting your home. It will increase the safety level of your home as well as your family.


    Energy Efficiency

    A new front door will not only make your San Francisco home safer, but it will also make it more energy efficient. It is more likely that an older door will have holes and leaks, which will allow the outside air to reach the interior and the interior air to reach the outside. You will be leaking out warm or cold air regardless of the weather. You will need to pay more for your heating and cooling when there is more cold or hot air going inside.


    Improved Curb Appeal

    Lastly, the front door can dramatically improve the curb appeal of a house. In most homes, the front door is a focal point, so having a quality front door can make the home appear more beautiful and give it a more personal touch.


    Interested in door replacement in San Francisco? Call us 877-792-6065 or contact Best Exteriors for a consultation or request a quote online!


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