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    Window Installation Redwood City CA

    Best Time to Replace Home Windows

     When planning on window installation in Redwood City CA, it’s important to think about the time of the year. While each season has its pros and cons, choosing the right time is essential for the success of your home improvement project. This guide will walk you through the most important aspects of each season’s-specific installation.

    Replacement of windows is a good idea during the warmer months for several reasons. It will keep your home warm and will not let in chilly drafts that will lead to higher heating bills. Especially if you’re replacing more than one window.

    Furthermore, caulk adheres better to surfaces when it’s warmer rather than when it’s cold. The ideal temperature range for applying latex caulk is between 40 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You may be able to apply silicone in colder weather, but you’ll need to warm the caulk first to ensure it flows smoothly and evenly.

    Lastly, there are materials that expand in warm weather and contract in the cold, which contractors call “movement of the substrate.” It’s especially true for vinyl and aluminum. When the weather is too cold for caulking, the materials may eventually contract due to thermal contraction, which could result in cracks and splits in the caulk.

    It is also important to keep in mind that caulk will not cure properly in extremely hot weather—hotter than 80 to 90 degrees Fahrenheit—so do not plan your replacement for the dog days of summer months.


    Replacing Windows in the Fall or Winter

    replacement windows Redwood City CAIn certain situations, you cannot avoid cold-weather installations. For instance, if your window is broken or cracked, you don’t have time to wait until spring to replace it. If this is the case in your home, there’s still hope. The replacement of the window can be done safely if you take a few precautions.

    Try to schedule your contractor’s visit on a sunny, warm day. Mid-morning is the best time to do the job, so that the materials can warm up and expand.

    Be cautious about rainy weather because some sealants need up to 24 hours to set before exposure to water is allowed. Prior to starting the project, let the exterior surfaces dry if it has recently rained.

    It’s important to hire a contractor who uses silicone caulk rather than latex or acrylic around the window. Aside from adhering better in colder temperatures, it is also better at waterproofing and weatherizing your windows, making your heating and air conditioning work more efficiently and saving you money on your energy bills.

    Using a sealant with high joint movement capabilities will provide you with exceptionally high performance. There are usually measurements on the bottle to indicate the level of movement – one with +/- 25 percent movement will perform better in cold weather than one with +/- 12 percent movement.

    When replacing windows in winter, have the contractor work on one at a time so your home does not become an icebox. Ask the contractor to cover the opening with floor-to-ceiling plastic while the installation of a larger window or a window that has multiple panels of glass is taking place, so you can help eliminate drafts during the window installation Redwood City CA. You can also close off any interior doors that lead to the room, so the effects are confined to just one part of your home.


    Window Replacement During Summer & Spring

    With longer days and warmer weather, installers can work on multiple windows simultaneously without having to be concerned about heat loss.  Furthermore, higher temperatures improve caulk adhesion and speed up the setting process. If you plan to buy windows in the spring, you can take advantage of early-season discounts. Getting replacements before summer hits can reduce your air-conditioning costs.

    It’s okay to opt for a warm-weather installation, but keep in mind that jobs can take longer during peak seasons. A majority of homeowners wait until spring or summer to replace their windows. As demand increases rapidly each year, companies book up quickly, leading to long wait times, higher costs, and frequent delays.

    While it’s best to install windows when the weather is ideal, installing them off-season can have some advantages.

    Some professionals believe that August is the cheapest month for windows if cost is a concern. This makes sense as well. Around this time, families are too busy with vacations and back-to-school preparations to schedule renovations. Meanwhile, you’ll be prepared for when temperatures drop, and energy-efficient windows become increasingly important. Having to replace it during inclement weather isn’t all bad news.

    Whenever you replace windows, there are pros and cons to consider. A careful timing of your ordering and installation will minimize delays and make the process more efficient.


    Window Installation Redwood City CA

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