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    Window Installation Livermore CA

    Windows Buying Guide for Homeowners

    If your windows are outdated and don’t function properly, timely replacement is the only way to avoid costly house repairs in the future. But prior to hiring a professional for window installation in Livermore CA, you need to choose a type of window suitable for your project.

    The purpose of this guide is to help you make an informed decision regarding one of the most important elements of your home—windows. It will walk you through the various types of windows to assist you in making a decision that is best suited to your home’s style.

    Choosing the right windows is one of the most important factors in determining a home’s comfort and energy efficiency. Your home can be drafty and uncomfortable due to old, inefficient, leaky windows, wasting hundreds of dollars on heating and cooling each year. New windows, however, seal in air that is expensively conditioned and maintain a consistent temperature inside.


    Replacement Windows Can:

    • Reduce the cost of energy
    • Make your house more valuable at resale
    • Bring more natural light into your home and improve the view
    • Reduce temperature swings and drafts in the room to make it more comfortable
    • Enhance ventilation in your home
    • Provide protection from UV rays that damage carpets, floors, and furniture
    • Enhance security and safety
    • Enhance the beauty and style of a home

    These benefits, in combination with the aging of today’s housing stock, explain why window replacement has become so popular.


    Types of Windows

    Bay and Bow WindowsSelecting the right style and material is probably the most challenging part of installing new windows.

    Choose windows that complement the architectural style of your home, are suitable for your budget, and have the ability to provide security, ventilation, and ease of maintenance. There are more functions for windows than just letting light into a room.

    In general, the cost of a window & window installation in Livermore CA depends on the type, quality, glass used, overall energy efficiency, and the warranty of the product. Consider all of these factors before buying new windows, even if you are tempted to choose them based on their appearance.


    Horizontal Sliders

    A horizontal slider window has fixed panels and panels that slide horizontally. Possibly the biggest disadvantage is that only half of the window can be opened at a time. If ventilation isn’t a concern in the location where it’s installed, a benefit is that the sash doesn’t require any clearance to swing in or out.


    Double-Hung Windows

    It is a classic window design that offers excellent ventilation. Double-hung windows have sashes that slide down from the outside, and they slide up from the inside. Hidden springs, weights, or friction devices help lift, lower, and position the sashes.

    A vertical sliding window, or a single hung window, has only one sash, and the sash can be rotated or tilted for cleaning.


    Casement Windows

    The sash of a casement window swings inward or outward with rotating cranks on the side where it is hung, either individually or in pairs. In addition to being easy to clean, outward swing casements offer excellent ventilation since they can “scoop-in” breezes. Their only drawback is that screens are mounted on the inside, making maintenance a hassle.


    Awning & Hopper Windows

    Like casement windows, awning windows are hinged at the bottom and tilt out, providing partial ventilation, a clear view, and a reasonable amount of security, whereas a hopper window is hinged at the top. Hoppers are commonly used above a door or another window to allow for ventilation.


    Jalousie (Louvered) Windows

    A jalousie window, or louvered window, is a type of glass shutter made up of several parallel panes of glass that open at the same time. The word originated from the French word for jealousy and referred to shuttered covers for windows in the 16th century. They used wooden slats sloped to shed rain, obstruct sunlight but admit air and light, just like today’s wooden shutters.

    The popularity of air conditioning preceded the installation of jealousy windows in many warm-climate American homes. Due to excessive air infiltration between the panes, most of these windows have fallen out of favor in recent years, allowing for uncomfortable drafts and costly heat loss.


    Tilt-Turn Windows

    This type of window offers distinctive European styling and also has an advantage over conventional double-hung windows: it tilts inwards toward the room while turning a full 180 degrees for easy cleaning. The multi-point locking system will add an extra level of security and will help to keep the window tightly shut in the event of an emergency.


    Fixed Windows

    There are many different types of fixed windows. Some are round-tops, others are geometrically formed, and others are large picture windows. They are used mainly as architectural accents the majority of the time and in places where light, views, and ventilation are important. With seamless bent-glass corner windows, homeowners can enjoy unobstructed views.


    Bay & Bow Windows

    Bay and bow windows aren’t one window, but rather a series of three. In French, bay windows mean to gape or stand open. They project out from a house’s walls, forming an interior recess or bay. Because bay and bow windows project out, they usually have their own small roof or covering.

    The design is especially efficient at gathering light while offering a more expansive view than a single window can provide. Large bay windows and bow windows can also include interior window seats.

    Window Installation Livermore CA

    If you’re overwhelmed with the options, Best Exteriors can help. Best Exteriors installs countless windows every year and has extensive experience with the industry’s best techniques. You can get a free quote on professional window installation in Livermore CA by calling (888)-853-6277. Our installers are certified, insured, and industry-trained.


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