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    Window Installation Fremont CA

    A Homeowner’s Guide To Window Replacement

     A homeowner’s biggest challenge when maintaining a modern and up-to-date home is the windows. As well as improving your home’s aesthetics, windows are a vital component of your property’s overall functioning. Window installation in Fremont CA is one of the most common home remodeling projects in the United States every year, because windows are so crucial for the look, comfort, energy efficiency, and value of your home.

    Replacement of windows can seem difficult or frustrating to most homeowners, which can make the project seem more complicated than it actually is. Due to the huge variety of styles, types, features, and brands available, as well as the high cost of window installation in general, this is often the case. Moreover, many homeowners aren’t sure where to start or what should happen during window installation, making them more vulnerable to contractor scams, overselling products that are too costly or unnecessary, and other problems.

    Our team at Best Exteriors is always ready to assist homeowners with their window replacement questions. That’s why we’ve put together this informative guide for you to get started with your own window replacement project.


    How Do I Know When It’s Time To Replace My Windows?

    It is easy to tell when it is time for new windows by a few obvious signs—like broken or cracked glass and a damaged frame. However, are you aware of the subtler signs that may indicate it is time for new windows? Here are some of the most common signs that indicate homeowners should replace their windows:


    High Energy Costs

    There are seasonal fluctuations in your energy bill over the course of the year, but when the increase is dramatic, your windows need to be replaced.



    Drafts occur when air passes through a closed window. This indicates a crack in either the framing or the glass itself, indicating the need for replacement.


    Missing Paint

    It’s true that paint fades over time but peeling paint around the exterior of the window indicates condensation, rot, or mold may be trapped within the frame. Using a pencil or pen, push into the frame to see if the window needs to be replaced. If the pencil or pen sinks in, it’s time to replace the window.


    Difficulty Operating the Window

    When opening or closing your window becomes difficult, you may have to replace it. This may be due to a warped frame, broken hinges, or any other problem impeding the window’s functionality.


    Too Many Repairs

    A number of repair jobs might have occurred in the past with your windows. A repair can only go so far—and sometimes a new window installation Fremont CA is the best option. Don’t try repairing your windows when they don’t work properly and focus on replacing them.

    The average life of a window is about 20 years. If you’re not the original owner or the house is older with original windows, you might need to have them inspected.


    Window Designs And Styles

    There is no doubt that function is the number one priority when choosing windows. However, style and aesthetics cannot be ignored. You can’t deny that the design of your replacement windows matters whether you want them to reflect your personality or keep your home in a state that’s ready to sell.

    Here’s a quick look at some of the most popular window styles.


    Double Hung

    Known for its practicality and functionality, a double hung window is one of the most popular styles available.



    If you have an amazing view or high ceilings, this may be the best style of window for you. Instead of opening, it frames the outside view like a picture.



    In contrast to the original, this variation features a horizontal placement on the window and a top-to-bottom opening.



    Similarly, to hopper-style windows, casement windows can open either inwards or outwards, and are suitable for many styles of homes.



    There are several similarities between awnings and hopper windows. The primary difference between them is that awnings can open outward, making them a great alternative for those who want to feel more spacious inside their home.



    There is a lot of beauty and style associated with these types of windows, as they are marked by an outward frame. In the bay option, three large windows are protruded from the house in half-hexagonal shape. Bow windows have more windows—usually four to five panels—and extend outward in a more rounded shape.



    You may want to consider a storm window if extreme weather changes are common in your area. Storm windows are engineered with additional barriers and insulation power to ensure that they are better insulated and protected from the weather.


    Window Frames

     As already mentioned above, windows come in a variety of materials. The most popular are:



    For centuries, wood frames have been used for home construction, and continue to be the preferred choice for homeowners who don’t mind the maintenance involved-in exchange for beauty, durability, and high efficiency.



    With its tough durability, no fading color, and no-painting requirements, vinyl frames are the most affordable and durable frames available on the market.



    Designed for those who want longevity and durability from their window frames, aluminum is extremely popular in architecture.



    The popularity of this option is expected to increase as improvements are made, and their use becomes more widespread. It could be a great option for homeowners who value low maintenance and durability above all else.


    Understanding The Process

    A reputable window installation company will guide you through the entire process if you are ready to start your home window installation project. It’s important to find a remodeling company that offers honest, reliable guidance from start to finish, so you feel comfortable with your investment. You can begin replacing your windows once you have met with a project coordinator and agreed to go forward.


    Window Installation Fremont CA

     At Best Exteriors, we understand that your windows need function and style to reflect your personal taste. That’s why we deliver the windows of your dreams with unmatched service and affordability.

    Among the benefits our customers enjoy when they work with us are:

    • Expertise with a proven track record
    • A top-of-the-line product assortment
    • Affordability
    • Guaranteed lifetime use


    Call (888)-853-6277 to get a free quote on professional window installation in Fremont CA.


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