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    Window Double Hung | FAQ

    Window Double Hung | FAQ

    Considering rainy San Francisco winters, it is very likely that you are spending much of your time indoors. Nevertheless, if your home continues to feel cold despite your heater on a full blast, it may be time to consider how your home’s windows are performing. Maybe it is time to replace your windows in order to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your home?

    The majority of homeowners who decide to replace their windows at some point will consider installing double-hung windows for their home. There is no doubt that double-hung windows are a beautiful, classic form of window that can complement nearly any home.

    By understanding the benefits and advantages of double-hung windows, you can determine if this type of window is suitable for your home. Best Exteriors compiled the most common questions about window double hung to help you make an informed decision.


    Q: How do double-hung windows work?

    A: The window double hung is a simple, traditional rectangular window with two sashes, one on top, one down. In some cases, the glass of each window sash is composed of one pane, while in the others – it is composed of multiple panes separated by dividers called “muntins”.

    Normally, both sashes of a double-hung window can be moved up and down. Consequently, homeowners seeking additional airflow have a variety of options, since either half of the window may be opened if desired. The sashes of double-hung windows can also tilt inward for cleaning purposes, making them convenient to operate.

    If you wan to move the upper sash on your double-hung window, all you need to do is pull down on the sash by applying downward pressure on the rails or muntins; or push up on the rails from beneath to raise the lower sash.


    There are also new types of double-hung windows that are available with latches that allow them to be leaning out of their tracks. As a result, there will be no need to go outside the house in order to clean the windows.


    Q: What are the pros and cons of double-hung windows?

    A: Double-hung windows are popular among San Francisco homeowners for a number of reasons.

    • Easy to use. Double-hung windows are easy to open and close, letting in fresh air and letting out strong odors, as well as giving you control over the temperatures in your house.
    • Easy to maintain. The upper sash of a window can be pulled down when it’s time to clean it, so that the glass can be easily cleaned from inside. Cleaning the window exteriors is also easier with the ability to tilt the sashes inward.
    • Safer. Double-hung windows are much safer to clean since they allow homeowners to remain inside whilst cleaning them.
    • Adds more value to the home. In addition to their functionality, double-hung windows offer a higher return on investment in terms of improved home value.


    With so many benefits, there are only a few drawbacks to double-hung windows.

    • Expense. Even though double-hung windows offer additional value, they tend to be more expensive at the outset.
    • Ventilation is limited. The sashes of double-hung windows always cover at least half of the window, which limits the amount of ventilation naturally.
    • Not always airtight. The double-hung window is set on separate tracks from one another, which naturally separates them and makes them less airtight than other window types.


    Q: Is it time to replace my double-hung windows?

    A: A window double hung should last for a very long time if properly maintained. In contrast to this, older windows that are not properly maintained may become warped over time, resulting in poor performance. These are a few of the signs that will determine whether your windows need a replacement:

    • Rot around the sashes. While a single rotten sash can often be fixed, rotten sashes on lots of windows are usually an indication that it’s time to replace them all. Choosing between repairing and replacing is best determined by a contractor. Contact one of the specialists at Best Exteriors to determine whether you need a repair or replacement of your window double hung.
    • Rot or decay around the frame. Rotting window frames usually require replacement. It is important to paint and seal your frame properly to avoid this problem, as well as to fix gutter and roof leaks as soon as they occur.
    • Loss of efficiency: When the windows stick frequently or become inefficient, most homeowners decide to replace them. In this case, you can request a quote, or an in-home demonstration of window double hung or any other window style by getting in touch with us today.


    Q: What are the frame types available for double-hung windows?

    A: There are various types of window frames available for double hung windows in San Francisco, including vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum, and wood.

    • Vinyl is the most affordable type of double-hung window, but it tends to wear out more quickly and has less support.
    • Fiberglass double-hung windows are more expensive, but in terms of weather-resistance, strength and insulation, they provide exceptional value.
    • Aluminum double hung windows are known for their strength and weather resistance, however, on the flip side they also allow a greater amount of heat to enter and exit through the frame.
    • Wooden double hung window frames are the most expensive ones. Despite being one of the most durable options, they experience more expansion and contraction over time, causing performance problems in the long run.


    Q: What is the best way to clean or care for double-hung windows?

    A: In general, double-hung windows do not need much annual maintenance, especially newer models. Whenever your windows become dirty, you can easily clean them with a vinegar and water mixture. Wipe the cleaning solution away with a squeegee for an unblemished shine.

    The use of power washers is unnecessary and can damage window double hung. To maintain water resistance, wooden windows are required to be painted or resealed regularly. The beauty and functionality of wood alternatives windows will not be compromised by the need to paint or seal them.

    Interested in window double hung in San Francisco? Call us (888) 853-6277 or contact Best Exteriors for a consultation or request a quote online!



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