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    The Importance of Understanding the Difference Between Bay and Bow Windows

    There is always a defining area or feature in every room, which draws your eye immediately. The bay window as well as the bow window can make a distinctive architectural statement. In addition to adding curb appeal and creating a grander view of the outdoors, these projection windows can give any space a sense of spaciousness.

    When it comes to bow and bay replacement windows Concord CA, Best Exteriors offers a variety of aesthetic design options, from glass types to grilles. And to ensure a reliable installation, our windows come with both head and seat boards and support systems. Keep on reading to discover more about the bay and bow windows.

    Bay and Bow Windows Difference

    Both bay and bow windows add a splash of glamor as well as more light to any room, while making it seem larger and brighter. The appearance of bow and bay windows can seem similar at first glance, however there are a few distinctions that are important to consider when shopping for this type of replacement windows Concord CA.

    • In a bay window, you can choose angled projections with three openings when bow windows usually have four or five.
    • Bay windows consist of a picture window on one side and two smaller windows on the other side, while bow windows are curved in structure, giving the exterior of a home a rounded appearance. It is common to refer to these bow windows as four-lite or five-lite bows.
    • Contemporary bay windows are often preferred for modern homes due to their sleek lines and flat surfaces, while bow windows complement Victorian architecture with their semicircular shapes.
    • The bay windows extend beyond the wall a bit into the exterior space, giving the interior a little more room.
    • A bow window often lets more light into a room due to the number of glass panes it has compared to a bay window.
    • It is rare for bay windows to be as wide as bow windows because normally they have only three panels.
    • It is possible to wrap bow windows around building corners, creating an exterior turret shape and an enticing nook on the inside. Additionally, the advantage of this design is that a view is available from both sides of the house.

    Bay Window Types

    Despite their existence for more than 500 years, bay windows have not changed all that much. Different window styles, angles, and architectural details can be incorporated, giving you a comprehensive range of design options to meet your needs. Although bay replacement windows Concord CA have such a wide variety of design options, there are only four main types:

    Oriel Windows

    Early English Renaissance mansions were adorned with Oriel bay windows, the oldest form of bay window. They are designed to be built into the side of a home, up from the ground, making them accessible from any story of the building. Decorative brackets or corbels are usually attached underneath oriel windows to provide structural support.

    Canted Bay Windows

    There is nothing more classic than a bay window with a canted frame. Their fronts have a flat surface and their sides have angled edges, so they are usually found on the first floor of a building or a house.

    Box Bay Windows

    A box bay window has the same structural characteristics as a canted window. However, these flanking windows are angled at a 90-degree angle to the front window creating the shape of a box.

    Circle Bay Windows

    In spite of their low popularity, circle bay windows are distinct enough to be considered a separate category. These windows are characterized by large panes of glass on each of their three sides and additional panes above them. In general, circle bay windows have the most elaborate moldings and ornamentation.

    Bow Window: Where to Use

    Any room in your house would benefit from bow replacement windows Concord CA, especially those where you want an open, airy feel. They are, however, an excellent option in certain areas of the home due to their ability to provide a wider view.

    Dining Room Bow Windows

    In dining rooms and kitchen nooks, bow windows are a good choice because they can enhance your room’s floor space, giving you a little extra room to maneuver around tables and chairs. By adding a bench seat around the table, you can provide extra seating around a bow window instead of leaving it open.

    Living Room Bow Windows

    Natural light and open space are often most desired in the living room, as it is the primary gathering place in most homes. You can simultaneously achieve both effects by installing a bow window in your living room.

    Kitchen Bow Windows

    Having a bow window can make all the difference when it comes to creating a bright, beautiful kitchen. As the kitchen bow window is one of the best sources of natural light in the house. Furthermore, with a bow window in a backyard-facing kitchen, parents can watch their children or pets play outdoors from the kitchen window, while cooking, cleaning, or doing chores.

    Whatever your window installation or replacement needs may be, we are here to help. Best Exteriors provides high-quality, durable, built-to-last windows and peace of mind warranty coverage. Get a FREE quote or request a consultation with one of our specialists by calling us at (888)-853-6277 or filling out our online form.


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