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Window and Siding Installation

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    The essentials of home siding replacement.

    It’s likely that once in a while, after owning your home for quite some time, you have thought about refreshing the siding. The improvement of your siding comes with many benefits. It adds curb appeal to your home and gives it a new, up-to-date look. You’ll also increase your house’s value by replacing siding, so if you decide to sell it, it’ll be more appealing to buyers.

    Insect infestations, moisture, mold, and mildew growth are some of the problems that could arise over time if siding is left unattended. All of these problems can have severe effects on your home’s structural integrity. Besides safeguarding your home from weather and other elements, new siding is also a good way to protect its structure.

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    House Siding Options

    Homeowners can now choose from a number of siding materials. Various types of siding have different structures, appearances, costs, returns, and maintenance needs.

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    Vinyl Siding

    Because of its low cost, wide range of colors, and simple installation, vinyl siding remains the most popular. With this material, you won’t have to paint your siding, worry about warping or twisting it, and it can repel both insects and water. Vinyl siding is a long-lasting material since it is easy to keep clean. It also looks just like wood siding due to the wood grain integrated into it.


    Fiber Cement Siding

    Designed to have wood-like characteristics, fiber cement siding is made of concrete, sand, and cellulose. You can use this siding in warmer climates since it’s resistant to insects and fires. Though during freeze-thaw cycles, rainy seasons, and freezing conditions, fiber cement siding is susceptible to damage from water and moisture. In addition to its pre-primed and pre-painted options, this siding material can also be painted.


    Wood Siding

    Out of all types of siding replacement San Francisco, wood siding is the most expensive. Wood siding is superior to most siding types because of its unique beauty and is available in many styles, including shingles, clapboards, and cedar sheathing. You can paint it or stain it to accommodate your preferences. In addition to having an attractive appearance, wood is impact-resistant and is long-lasting. Furthermore, it has been proven that it enhances the resale value of a home.


    Brick Siding

    Among the high-end siding materials is brick. There are many advantages associated with it, including durability, color options, and sound insulation. Furthermore, brick siding provides a classic and timeless appearance to a home. Besides being weather resistant, brick siding is also fire-retardant. It will not warp or require regular maintenance.

    Brick siding can be used in one area of your home’s exterior while another area is coated with vinyl (for a more affordable option if you don’t want to commit to the cost of thousands of square feet).


    Stone Siding

    Natural stone or stone veneer siding options available to achieve the elegant appearance of stone. The downside is that stone veneer usually costs far less and yields a much higher (ROI) during a resale than natural stone. However, the cost of siding made of natural stone is the highest of all siding types.

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    Q: Does my property need to be painted or prepped before siding installation?

    A: Before installing siding, you don’t need to paint or prepare anything. If you have an existing siding that we should install over, we will remove the siding and replace it, otherwise we will install the siding directly over your existing siding.


    Q: Is there anything I need to do with my eaves and soffits? Must they be replaced as well?

    A: To ensure that all elements on your exterior match, we recommend replacing soffits and eaves along with your siding. In particular, we recommend that you replace your soffits during siding replacement if they are damaged; otherwise, your property may not be fully protected.


    Q: Does my new siding require any maintenance?

    A: Maintenance and care requirements vary with each siding material. If you have any questions about the proper care for your siding, our siding experts will be happy to help.


    Q: Can energy efficiency be improved if my siding is replaced?

    A: Energy efficiency is typically improved by replacing siding. You can absolutely save money by replacing siding with an insulated one.  Our experts will be happy to show you all available options to lower your energy consumption if energy efficiency is on your priority list.


    Q: Can noise reduction be achieved by new siding?

    A: Soundproof siding is available as an option. If you live near a noisy establishment or a busy road, we will be pleased to explain all the siding options available to you regarding noise mitigation.


    Q: Is my siding in need of replacement? How can I tell?

    A: You can tell your siding needs replacing by noticing the following signs:  fungus growth, apparent seam separations, swelling, delamination, caulking failure, warped appearance, paint failure, and moisture inside the property.


    Q: What is the average time siding replacement takes?

    A: In addition to property size and siding material, many factors affect the timeline for siding replacement. On average, siding replacement takes between four and twelve weeks to complete.


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