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    Doors and windows | FAQ

    Your home ages along with everything inside and outside. As time goes on, you will find yourself repairing or replacing a lot of things around your house, from the floorboards in your living room to the roof shingles. Although windows and doors usually last a few decades, there are times when they need to be replaced. San Francisco homeowners should inspect their windows and doors on a regular basis to make sure that they are working properly, as they are an integral part of any home. Particularly if you intend to sell your house within the next few years.

    Best Exteriors compiled the most common questions about door replacement to help San Francisco homeowners make an informed decision when planning on doors and windows replacement projects. Call us (888) 853-6277 to request a quote!



    Q: What are the signs I need door replacement?

    A: There are several signs your front door needs a replacement, including:


    • Lack of Curb Appeal

    Curb appeal is determined by the front door, which can make or break the overall look of your home. When selling your home, an outdated door could significantly decrease return on investment. By upgrading your home’s door to new fiberglass or steel, you will not only be improving the look of the house, but also increasing its value.


    • Drafts

    Frames and doors deteriorate over time creating gaps between them. If you can feel cold air coming in from under your door, it has to be replaced immediately. In addition to keeping drafts out, upgrading will reduce your utility costs in the long run.


    • Weathered or Cracked Doors

    Your front door wears out just like any other home fixture. Your door can crack and warp during harsh weather, which means it will cease to function properly over time. A damaged exterior door should be replaced as soon as it shows any major signs of damage.


    • You Don’t Feel Safe

    When you are not feeling secure in your own home, it’s probably time to invest in a more secure door to prevent forced entry. A number of door manufacturers offer glazing that is designed to prevent break-ins.



    Q: What are the signs I need window replacement?

    A: There are several signs your windows need replacement, including:

    • Increased Utility Bills

    Single-pane windows, usually installed in older homes, lack proper insulation, which makes air conditioner or heater work harder. New double- or triple-pane windows are an excellent way to save money and keep drafts from entering your home. Getting new windows will restrict air leaking into and out of your house and will help you save on energy bills.

    • Visible Damage or Moisture

    A window frame that is cracked or decaying is a clear indication that you need new windows. If you notice moisture or condensation on the glass panels or hear the wind whistling, it may be time to replace your windows.

    • Opening or Closing is Hard

    You should be able to open and close your windows easily. If this isn’t the case, there are several reasons for poor window operation, including dirt and dust buildup, a spring that’s too tight, or a roller issue. Replacing windows will add a seal against air escaping your home and provide additional security.

    • Outdated Look

    When it comes to your home, your windows are one of the most noticeable elements, so if you don’t like how they look, you should replace them. Modern, energy-efficient windows will significantly improve the value and curb appeal of your home.

    • Noise

    The presence of outside noise is often a warning sign that your windows need to be replaced. A window with a single pane will transmit sound vibrations from the outside more easily than a window with two or three panes. Your home will benefit from new energy-efficient windows, which will absorb sound waves before they enter.


    Q: Will doors and windows replacement save me money on heating and cooling costs?

    A: A major factor in your energy bill is the age of your windows and doors. It’s not just because modern materials are of a higher quality and more thermally efficient, but also because your home will shift naturally over time, creating gaps and voids. First and foremost, new windows and doors will help to reduce the loss of heat from the glass itself. Besides, it is possible to reapply and upgrade insulation once the walls and siding are removed, as well as identify what is happening internally.

    Q: Do I need to replace my doors and windows all at once?

    A: The answer is yes, as long as the price is right for your budget. It is very advantageous to replace all the doors and windows in your home at once as you can create a cohesive interior design and upgrade your curb appeal at the same time.

    Q: What is the typical time required to have new windows and doors installed? 

    A: In most cases, the installation of your new windows and the replacement of your front door can be completed in a day or two. Having accurate measurements of your existing windows and doors, as well as having debris removal solution on-hand is the key to the success of the project.


    Interested in doors and windows in San Francisco? Call us 888-853-6277 or contact Best Exteriors for a consultation or request a quote online!


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