Siding contractor in San Francisco, CA

Many people thing that siding is the most important thing when it comes to design the appearance of the house. Well, they are actually right, since siding is a very first thing everybody sees when looking at the building.

Siding replacement in San Francisco is becoming popular in recent years. Siding is a modern material that captivates with its practicality, reliability, and beauty. The company Best Exterior provides not only such services as windows replacement and doors installation, but also can provide a completely new design or repeat the one you saw in the photo with the help of siding. It is easy to care for, does not require replacement for many years, and is inexpensive.

Siding is a strong and durable product, it reliably protects the facade, but it has its own service life — depending on the manufacturer chosen — from 20 to 40 years. If you decide to replace your old siding with a new one, be sure to pay attention not only to the color and shape of the new panels — start your search with a company that deals with siding in San Francisco.

Hardie Board Installation

International company James Hardie Siding Products manufactures fiber cement siding. Hardie Board is a fiber cement siding made by James Hardie Building Products, one of the first successful manufacturers of this material. Fiber cement siding installation in San Francisco is getting good reviews for being virtually maintenance-free, except that the product still needs painting. You can buy pre-painted fiber cement or paint yourself, but you still don’t have to do it as often as with wood siding.

Vinyl siding installation

Vinyl siding, against the background of other methods of finishing the facade, refers to the “lazy” options, it requires minimal qualifications during installation. At the same time, in combination with mineral insulation, it is possible to create an insulated siding replacement in San Francisco at minimal cost, which will provide an ideal indoor microclimate.

A Common Reasons to do Siding Installation

San Francisco Siding installation is one of the most budgetary and at the same time successful options for the facade of buildings. It can be plinth, ceramic, vinyl, cement, wood, acrylic, plastic, and metal. There are many advantages of siding replacement in San Francisco:

  • This material is easy to care for — just wash away dirt and dust from the walls with a stream of water from a hose.
  • It is easy to mount siding panels — they snap into one another and are fixed with screws, self-tapping screws, or nails. If it is impossible to attach them to the facade, then the panels are mounted on a metal profile or a wooden crate. All this is done very quickly  — in just a few days.
  • Installation can be done absolutely at any time of the year, while there are no restrictions with weather conditions.
  • Siding panels can be used to decorate not only the facade, but also the interior or even a box for plants.

Siding replacement in San Francisco always looks good. Knowledge of the features, perhaps, will convince or broaden the horizons, will help to improve the house in the country, any extension, fence. Only positive reviews from homeowners, professional builders testify to the quality of the invention.