Our company specializes in installing fiber cement siding (or “Hardie” siding installation), prodigy siding installation, siding removal and siding replacement.

If you need assistance replacing, removing or installing new siding on your home, our friendly team of experts will be happy to help.

Our project supervisor will come to your home and will discuss your needs and concerns, will walk around your house, will take all necessary measurements. This will help us estimate the amount of work involved.

Once the estimate is approved by you, we will set the date for your siding replacement or new siding installation.

We will ask you to prepare your spaces prior to your siding installation appointment.  You will be asked to remove any decor, house numbering, pots with plants and other objects that might be obstructing the work area.

We will also ask you to mark and cover the plants in your garden that you don’t want to be accidentally damaged.

Whether you need assistance with home siding replacement, siding removal or siding installation – Best Exteriors will be happy to assist you. Our company provides many different choices of exterior siding installation and will be happy to address all your needs.

“Hardie” siding installation

If want to upgrade the look and feel of your home you might be interested in our fiber cement siding or Hardie siding installation. We often refer to fiber cement siding installation as “Hardie” siding installation. Word “Hardie” comes from the famous brand of fiber cement siding created by James Hardie.

Installing cement siding is similar to installing most types of siding, as it is secured directly to the exterior walls of your home.

Our siding contractors use the following installation process when installing siding on a house.

Fiber cement siding is installed starting from the bottom of your exterior walls and going up. We start by installing a starter strip that is water and weather resistant and will protect your home from wet and windy conditions.

Your fiber cement corner and window trip will be installed once all fiber cement pieces have been installed on the exterior walls of your house.

We always recommend  waterproofing your house siding.  This is something that our team of specialists will be able to assist you with.

To install Hardie cement siding we will start by placing the first strip of siding approximately ¼-inch below the other strip and securing the siding with the hammer into the exterior walls approximately 1-inch from the top.

Our siding contractors will ensure that nails are hidden  the next row of lap siding.

As always Best Exteriors guarantees exceptional quality and our contractors will present you with a limited warranty once house siding is fully installed. We would love for you to become our next happy customer!

Vinyl siding installation

Best Exteriors specializes in removing, replacing and installing vinyl siding.

Installing vinyl siding is a good option if you like its look and feel, but don’t want to invest into cedar and other more expensive materials. It is also a good option for you if you don’t want to have to have regularly paint your house. Siding will last longer and will add a special look and feel to your home.

Prior to starting the work, we will ask you to prepare the spaces around your house by moving any types of decor, pots of plants or anything else that might be blocking the work spaces. This will give our team enough room to safely install the siding.

We install vinyl siding from foundation up. Strips of vinyl siding are already designed to snap together. At the top portion of each sliding strip holes or slots that allow you to attach the siding to the exterior walls. Each vinyl siding strip has a little channel below it. When a new strip of siding is installed, the bottom portion of the top piece of siding will be locked into that channel.

Each strip of vinyl will be nailed using a specific set of wide end nails. Vinyl siding is unique because it will enlarge and shrink depending on the weather, this is why when nailing each strip of vinyl we leave a little space between each nail and the siding to allow it to move a little bit as it expands or contracts. If it’s nailed too tight, vinyl siding might crack when expanding.

First, we install end channels and then slide each strip of vinyl below it, then we add siding to inside corners of the exterior walls. The outside corners on the contrary are added after vinyl siding is fully installed.

Once the work is complete our vinyl siding contractors will clean the area and present you with a warranty as assurance of the good quality of our work. If you are thinking about replacing vinyl siding or installing new vinyl siding – we are here to take care of your needs. Best Exteriors is one of the best vinyl siding companies in California, and we would love you to become our next happy customer.

Siding Replacement

If your house already has siding, but it’s damaged or doesn’t look appealing any more, you may want to think about replacing it. If this is something you have done before, you may consider getting siding materials from a local siding dealer or supplier and replacing it yourself. However, replacing siding on house may be a little tricky, especially if you have never done it before.

As experts at home exteriors in California we also specialize in home siding replacement, and our friendly team will be happy to replace your broken or damaged siding. Siding replacement will involve a little more work, as our team of house siding contractors will need to take down the siding from the exterior walls and replace.

Prior to replacing siding on house, our siding contractors will carefully inspect existing siding and will identify the pieces that need to be repaired or replaced. We will create an estimate of work, and once it’s approved by you, a date for siding replacement will be scheduled.

Similar to new siding installation, we will ask you to get ready and prepare with exterior as much as you can for the date of your appointment by moving pots with plants, marking or covering your plants in the garden, taking down any exterior decorations and your house number.

On the date of your appointment, our team will start by taking down the damaged strips of siding. First we will unscrew each damaged strip and gently push it down and it will come out.

Each new strip of sliding then will be pushed in behind an existing siding strip on the side and aligned to snap with an existing piece of sliding at the bottom. Next step is nailing each new strip of siding and leaving a little space for expansion.

If a large strip of siding is a little damaged on one side often it’s not necessary to replace the full piece of siding, our contractors will cut off the damaged piece and will replace it with a new strip.

Best Exteriors are experts in home siding replacement and  siding installation and we will ensure high quality of our service.

“Best Exteriors” among siding contractors

At Best Exteriors we understand that your home is your happy place, and we strive to make it cozier and more comfortable for you.

We are not just siding contractors or another siding. Our main goal is your happiness and satisfaction. What makes us different from other home siding companies is our dedication to provide high quality work and excellent customer service at affordable prices. We’ve been in business for over 15 years, and pride ourselves on the quality of our work. Just read our five star reviews on Yelp, Angie’s List, Best Business Bureau, and Home Advisor.  We have hundreds of happy customers all over California.

We provide many choices of high quality materials and a wide range of services that will help your home become even more safe, comfortable and beautiful.

Do you need help replacing siding, removing siding or installing siding? You can contact us today, and we will be happy to discuss all your needs and come up with a perfect solution.

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