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    Replacement Windows FAQ

    Replacement Windows FAQ

    For many people, replacing windows for the first time can be confusing, especially considering a wide variety of options available nowadays. The best replacement window types differ for homeowners depending on their style, the type of home they have, and the space where the windows are located.

    Best Exteriors compiled the most frequently asked questions about replacement windows to demystify the process and help San Francisco homeowners make an informed decision when planning on window replacement project. Call us (877)-792-6065 to request a quote!



    Q: How should windows be replaced?

    A: Windows can be installed in two different ways: a full-frame installation or a pocket installation.

    With a full-frame window installation, every part of the window is replaced, from the panes to the frames. Homeowners who want a different style or size of window generally choose this option.

    Pocket replacement will allow you to preserve the original frame, trim, siding and casing intact. It’s best to use this method if you want to replace a worn-out window with a new, the same size one. It may also be beneficial if the installation of replacement windows affects your home’s exterior materials, such as brick or stucco.

    In the process of replacing windows, your window frame’s condition and size also play a major role. A square, level, and well-maintained window frame is necessary for pocket window installation. Choosing a full-frame replacement may be your best option if your frame needs to be changed or if you want a different size.


    Q:  Is it better to replace all the windows at once?

    A: Window replacement is a good idea for a variety of reasons, but most fall into three categories: curb appeal, window function, and aesthetics. It is imperative that you identify the principal reason why you need replacement windows so that you can decide if you should replace your windows all at once or individually.

    Updating your windows to make them more attractive can increase curb appeal at a relatively low cost. Adding a few simple updates to the front windows or the entire façade of your home, however, can completely alter the appearance of your home. New matching or complementary windows can be used to create a consistent style.

    It is often easier to make a decision if function is your main concern. Only one window creating problems. Get a new one! Nevertheless, you should also ensure the other windows of your house are functioning properly and in good shape.

    Changing the style of your home can sometimes be all you need. Adding a new window to a room can do wonders for its aesthetic value. A consistent style that you can enjoy for years can be achieved by replacing multiple windows in the same room or throughout your entire house.

    Ultimately, it comes down to your budget. The cost will play an important role when you decide whether to replace your windows all at once, one by one, or in phases.


    Q: How do I choose the right window style for my home?

    A: A variety of options are available when it comes to choosing a style. There are two main types of replacement windows. Sliders and cranks.

    In a sliding installation, one or more panels are slid along a track. You can also have one panel remain fixed, while the other slides alongside it to open. The crank window provides access to the outside of the home by turning the handle. You can choose to open and close your windows by pushing and pulling a sash or turning a crank if you prefer.

    Window styles involve more than how they open and close. A sliding window, double-hung window, single-hung window, casement window, and an awning window all have their own characteristics, benefits, and looks. Choosing a style for your windows will depend on the style of your home and how you weigh the options. The style may even vary from room to room depending on your needs.


    Q: What is the best time of year to install windows?

    A: Ultimately, replacement of windows can be done at any time of the year, especially considering mild San Francisco weather. The process might take longer in the winter, but it’s still possible with some planning.

    Replacing multiple windows is easier during warm weather. Your home will be protected from unexpected cold drafts during the project. When replacing windows in the fall or winter, you may experience unwanted drafts. However, closing the doors to the room in which the window is being installed can help isolate drafts.

    You need to consider the time of year that is most convenient for you before making a final decision.


    Q: Can I install my replacement windows myself or do I need a professional?

    A: DIY home projects are tempting because they can save a few bucks. DIY window installation is possible but should not be attempted unless you have advanced carpentry skills. Multi-floor window installation is a complex, lengthy process that requires a lot of time and effort. If done incorrectly, it will adversely affect performance, energy efficiency, and aesthetics.

    It’s best sometimes to leave things up to the professionals. Even though it is more expensive up front, a good installation crew will save you money in the future by avoiding problems caused by incorrect installation.


    Q: What steps should I take to prepare my home for window replacement?

    A: The following things can be done to prepare your San Francisco home for the installation crew:

    • Your windows should be disconnected from all alarm systems.
    • The work area should be cleared of window treatments, decorations, wall hangings, shelves, and anything else that could be damaged in the course of installation.
    • Be sure to move your furniture away from the windows and cover it with sheets and blankets.
    • Clear the area outside your home for the crew by trimming the landscaping and removing obstructions.
    • Ensure that the installation team has access to an electrical outlet so they can complete their job.
    • If you have young children or pets, you should keep them away from the work area until everything has been cleaned up.

    Interested in replacement windows in San Francisco? Contact Best Exteriors for a consultation or request a quote online!


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