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    Picture framed windows San Francisco & The Entire Bay Area


    Picture windows and the benefits it can bring to your home

    What is a picture window?

    A picture window is also known as a fixed window and provides an expansive view as well as plenty of natural light. A picture window is also known as an inoperable window, which means that it cannot be opened. Picture windows are versatile and can be used in many different ways to create focal points that are attractive, whether they are used alone or with other window styles. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from a variety of shapes and sizes when creating your own picture window.

    We offer custom sizes for replacement picture framed windows San Francisco & The Entire Bay Area to meet your needs. Reach out to one of the specialists at Best Exteriors to learn more. Contact now

    Advantages of Picture Window 

    Natural light is beneficial to your home when you have picture windows. Many of these windows have large panes of glass without grilles, so you can see the outside without any hindrance. Attics, garages or stairways with no windows that open are perfect locations to use them for illumination.

    Almost any space can benefit from the installation of picture windows. Create a stunning arrangement that complements traditional architectural styles by pairing picture windows with other window styles. The style is perfect for vaulted ceiling homes. In this case, fixed windows are a practical solution, as there is no need to open them at that height.

    Types of picture window

    There are lots of variants to choose from when it comes to picture windows. Here are some of the most common options.

    Best Exteriors offers all types of picture framed windows San Francisco & The Entire Bay Area. To learn more, simply contact one of the specialists at Best Exteriors for a free consultation. Contact now

    Vinyl Picture Windows

    A vinyl picture window is the best choice when price is the most important factor. Vinyl picture windows offer optimal views and allow you to enjoy the outdoors. Picture windows are very versatile. They can be used alone or with other window styles. To add even more natural lighting, and to provide greater air flow, picture windows are often flanked by casement windows or double hung windows.

    Aluminum Picture Windows

    Are you worried about natural elements affecting your windows? Aluminum picture windows are a perfect solution. It is possible to provide a kind of thermal break using a simple extruded frame and a glass insert that will enhance the look of your existing trim while ensuring that your windows are protected, and energy is saved. An optional screen insert can easily transition between seasons to provide ventilation during the warm months.

    Wooden Picture Windows

    Wooden Picture Windows are usually the most expensive ones. This type of window offers a classic wooden appearance. They are highly energy efficient and extremely durable. Numerous grille patterns and finishes are available on these windows, allowing you to match them with any style of home.

    Fiberglass Picture Windows

    When installing new picture windows in your home, fiberglass offers the right combination of affordability and functionality. They are durable, come in a nice variety of colors and are well insulated.

    If you are not sure if picture framed windows San Francisco Bay Area are the right choice for your home or simply want to learn more about it, contact one of the specialists at Best Exteriors for a free consultation. Contact now


    Q: What is the replacement process for picture windows?

    A: Installing a window is a technically challenging task, which is why you should contact a professional window installer.  Before the window replacement can begin, a window installer will do a home assessment. During the assessment, they’ll make sure there isn’t any obvious damage that needs to be fixed. The installer should inform you if anything needs to be dealt with prior to installing the new window.

    Installation of the new window will be done once the window has been ordered and received. In this process, the old window is removed, the new one is inserted, and all finishing touches are applied.

    Q: What is the reason to replace picture windows?

    A: Replacement windows require a significant amount of work. There is a financial investment, time commitment, and effort involved. Therefore, you should first ensure that the time is right for a replacement and not just a repair job.

    Replacing old windows is a good idea for a number of reasons. The most important of which is safety. Signs like cracks or missing pieces make it clear when a window needs to be replaced.

    Often, picture windows are outdated, so homeowners tend to replace them. The technology used to create windows has developed dramatically over time and is so much more advanced than it used to be. The windows have now been strengthened and are much more durable. As a result of the tighter seal, they do not break as easily. They are also more energy efficient because of this tight seal. Your temperature will stay more consistent since no air will travel in and out of the window.

    Q: Are there requirements for picture windows maintenance and upkeep?

    A: Your beautiful new windows deserve the best care, so that they remain in perfect condition for as long as possible.

    Cleaning your windows regularly and thoroughly will help keep them in great condition. Regular inspection of the picture windows for minor damages will also add to its lifespan. If minor damages are discovered, they have to be fixed quickly. Any damage that could result in a replacement should be prevented right away.

    Just a little thoughtful effort goes a long way towards maintaining your beautiful windows. Want to get a replacement for picture framed windows San Francisco Bay Area but don’t know where to start? Start from getting a free estimate![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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