Siding contractor in Alameda, CA

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Siding installation

Siding installation

 Many people thing that siding is the most important thing when it comes to design the appearance of the house. Well, they are actually right, since siding is a very first thing everybody sees when looking at the building. Color, material, texture – each detail makes the full picture, so you have to pay attention to everything. But of course the external look doesn’t mean that you should forget about the main function – insulation. That’s why Best Exteriors offers you in Alameda both: replacement beautiful and energy-saving siding. Premium quality from the best suppliers in California and a great service is a minimum that you can count on while working with us. We’ve done the siding installation and replacing for 15 years and we are proud of every finished project. Our team is full of different interesting ideas that we would like to share with you and implement together in Alameda. With decades of experience and an impeccable reputation, there’s no better choice for a Alameda (California) siding contractor than Best Exteriors!

Hardie board installation

 There are two main kinds of siding, so let’s talk more about each of them. The fiber cement siding has many advantages that will make your house one of the most fabulous in the neighborhood. It is not that hard installing – it’s literally looks like a puzzle that you put around your house. But all the little panels stick very close to each other and create a completely insulated cover. Besides, the fiber helps to control the temperature inside depending on the weather and the cement gives strength, so your walls won’t be damaged by every little stone. But if there is any scratch or other lesion, it is easy to replace a single detail. As a contractor for James Hardie, you can rely on on Best Exteriors to help you meet your needs and expectations for siding installation and replacement in Alameda, CA.

Hardie board installation

Vinyl siding installation near me

Vinyl siding installation near me

 Another siding is a vinyl one. It is a really popular choice, because bigger horizontal or vertical panels are faster to install. Also, there are many options for the design and it is a simple standard way to renew your home quickly and qualitatively. At the first sight it is hardly believed that these plastic panels can save your house from bad weather or other possible damages, but in fact vinyl siding provide a really good insulation thanks to its energy-saving material.

Siding contractor near me

 However, it doesn’t really matter what kind of siding you choose – each of them is good. More important is that you choose us to implement your project. We will do everything to cooperate well and make your dream house real. Our products include only the premium quality materials that best fit the design of your house. We consider our job as our vocation, so we do everything possible to make the work done perfectly. Contact our distributors to find out more information, but maybe all the positive reviews from our satisfied clients will describe us even better. We discovered what so many homeowners in Alameda already know that Best Exteriors is the brand to know when it comes to order a siding contractor in Alameda, CA.

Siding contractor

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  •   We contacted Best Exteriors in addition to four other firms regarding replacing all of the windows in our home. Larry came out and was extremely helpful as well as very respectful of our time. He provided us a written estimate of the work.
    All four firms we spoke with recommended and sold Anlin Windows made here in California. This was nice because we were comparing apples to apples rather than different brands and different pricing scales.
    The estimate Larry provided was very aggressive and the best, BY FAR, of the firms we spoke with. We decided to go with Best Exteriors.
    The crew came out, led by Andrew, and diligently worked to get every window and the two sliding glass doors installed on the first day. They came back the 2nd day and finished up all the trim work and cleanup.
    When they pulled out we were left with beautiful gleaming new windows that have received raving comments from the neighbors and absolutely no residue from the installation. I am not sure how much business Best may get in this neighborhood, but there sure seems to be a lot of interest as a result of this work.
    I cannot recommend a firm more highly than Best. If you are considering replacement windows, give them a call and ask for Larry. He will take good care of you.

    thumb Don A.
  •   Many problems with our install i.e. damage to exterior of home, failure to clean up broken glass, forgot latches on screen door sliders and failed to return to resolve, hack job on bottom of new patio doors. Love the product but not the install.

    thumb Robert Z.
  •   We had a bad experience with a different window company, ultimately losing a considerable investment. It put us off for a year before deciding to research again. Living in a home built in 1926 with the original windows (94 year windows!!!) we couldn't go another winter with the old windows nor another summer with screen-less windows.  Wanting to keep the character of our older home, we were unsure about vinyl windows changing the look. After comparing the various big, brand name window products (fiberglass, wood/aluminum clad, etc) with Anlin Windows, we decided that their product was superior for a very good price.

    Why we chose  Anlin Windows & Best Exteriors (BE) to install them:
    1) Durable, well, built & reliable product (built in California!) with a double lifetime product warranty transferable and to the next owner if we sell the house. 2) BE's 10 year install warranty 3) We felt more comfortable with BE's payment structure.
    Our salesperson, Daniel, knew the product, answered all our questions and reassured us with all our concerns. He was readily available and guided us through the process. He was easy to talk to and if we had any hesitation, he offered solutions that would allay my fears.

    Alex came by a few days later to take the measurements - which we feel is VERY important - & got all the specs for 16 windows. He also was knowledgeable about the product and answered more questions we had along the way.
    After waiting about 6 weeks for the windows to be built, Alex#2 (a different Alex) and his crew showed up with the windows. The Trio showed up on time and worked VERY diligently & efficiently to properly install all 16 windows. They covered furniture, cleaned up along the way and were very conscientious about doing the job right.  Having an old house we were realistic about possibly having problems during install, openings not being square, etc.  -- but seeing Alex and his crew's work ethic we knew they could handle it. These guys are tremendously good at what they do. Sure, we will have to touch up with paint and spot patch a few areas but we expected that, very minor compared to the amount of work they did. From the exterior, the windows look great and make the house look complete. So far with the new windows, we use the heater less and the house retains its warmth longer. The large windows also open and close with ease due to the hardy & substantial hardware Looking forward to the summer!! Thanks to everyone at Best Exteriors!

    thumb Anon N.
  •   Nine windows including slider completely replace by Best Exteriors,and I am very pleased.  The installation team, including project manager were professional, focused on their work and courteous.  I have  recommended this business to friends and family.   Alex is great to work with, just tell him what you want or need and he will provide an honest estimate with options, promptly.   Still marveling in the difference the new windows make, even though they were replaced a couple of months ago.  Great job Best Exteriors!!I

    thumb Charlotte B.
  •   I would do business again with Best Exteriors in a heartbeat! I had 10 windows replaced. Used Anvil windows and they are excellent. Half the price of a competitor brand and much better windows. The installation crew was on-time, professional, friendly and cleaned up everything to the point where I would never have known they were here (including moving furniture and putting it back). I am ecstatic with my decision to use Best and Anvil!

    thumb Dana H.
  •   We took bids from several contractors handling the James Hardie siding.  We also needed a company that would replace our outdated windows.  I had bad experiences with contractors where they would ask for money upfront or partial way thru then abandon the project or not finish the project for months.  Best Exteriors did not ask for any money up front.  They would collect the funds once we were satisfied with the renovations.  The workmanship was excellent.  The crew was diligent about completing the job and their attention to the details.  I own several buildings and would use Best Exteriors again for all my buildings.  Alex was stellar on follow up.  Keep up the good work Alex!

    thumb Warren L.
  •   Best Exterior Construction is an excellent company for window replacement. From the educational information from Larry, the manager"" to the last installation step, everything went smoothly and per timetable. The workers were focussed on their own tasks, respectful and on time. Each window was completed with care and the manager came to do the quality check upon finishing the window replacement. The windows look great in my house. I will definitely recommended Best Exterior construction for window replacement.

    thumb Joy G.
  •   The folks at Best Exteriors were great.  They worked with my schedule, were always there when they said they would be and were on time, and delivered service, quality work, and quality materials as promised.  I had them replace every window and a slider in my house and they did it in a day.  They were clean, and left the house looking like they'd never been there, minus the beautiful new windows.   Their follow was great, as was their flexibility for payment.  We couldn't be happier.

    thumb Howard J.
  •   They were great but I told them I needed a doggie door.
    Since this occurred there were some complications but in the end Alex of Best Exteriors did right by this situation. It's not often you come across cross companies when you have a disagreement that they actually try to make it right. I  Would highly recommend them. I was very impressed with his sincerity and understanding for what I was going through.

    thumb Patti M.