Siding contractor in Alameda, CA

Many people thing that siding is the most important thing when it comes to design the appearance of the house. Well, they are actually right, since siding is a very first thing everybody sees when looking at the building.

The popularity of siding cladding is primarily associated with its characteristics, which are inherent in this type of material. Siding houses are aesthetically pleasing and very neat. But sometimes Siding replacement in Alameda  is more difficult than installing this siding from scratch. Nevertheless, company Best Exterior does its best, to occupy one of the first places in the market.

Everyone knows that vinyl siding has served faithfully for decades. Nevertheless, if you have once installed an inadequate material, sooner or later you will have to be puzzled by the question of how to dismantle the siding in order to install a new siding in Alameda in its place. However, first of all, of course, you will want to repair the old material.

Hardie Board Installation

Fiber cement siding installation in Alameda is often used to seamlessly cover a home to create the look of wood or vinyl siding. Invented more than a century ago by James Hardy, this type of cement siding was originally used as the exterior of a house to make it able to withstand extreme weather conditions while maintaining the beauty of the building itself. Currently, this product is widely used in every part of the world, mainly in areas of extreme weather conditions.

Vinyl siding installation

Siding is a very durable plastic material, so important in the climate. Does not burn out in the sun, does not flake, does not crack, is not afraid of blows, influence of chemicals, is steady against moisture, fungi, insects, does not rot, does not corrode owing to atmospheric and physical influences. Siding replacement in Alameda for a house facade is durable: service life of a qualitative siding  — more than half a century.

A Common Reasons to do Siding Installation in Alameda

Repair is possible only in case of damage to one panel. If the siding is cracked, or burst, or dilapidated in several places — siding replacement in Alameda will be necessary. The popularity of siding is due to its undoubted advantages:

  • Ease of installation. Siding panels are environmentally friendly, easily attached one after another with self-tapping screws, nails, screws, if it is impossible to mount on the facade, the material is attached to a metal, wooden crate.
  • Accessibility, ease of care involves washing with a hose stream or periodically wiping with a rag. Clean wooden panels with a solution of soapy water.
  • Versatility, the possibility of paneling not only the outer sides of the building — facades, plinths, cornices, but also interior rooms, even individual objects.
  • High resistance to corrosion, decay, atmospheric precipitation, temperature extremes, and sunlight.
  • After a long time of using the siding, additional work on its restoration, painting is not required, the panels do not crack, do not delaminate, retain their color and attractive original appearance.
  • A variety of models, more than 63 colors in the catalog of our store, at an affordable price.
  • Long service life of 50 years. The exact warranty period depends on the manufacturer, type of siding model, climatic conditions of the area.

If you decide to give your building an original, unique appearance — siding replacement in Alameda is something you are looking for.