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    Learn About Casement Window Components, Types and Advantages

    A casement window is considered one of the most versatile, secure and airtight window configurations you can choose from, providing far-reaching views while filling the room with light. The casement windows swing outward, similar to a door. They are attached to the frame of the window by one or more hinges on either side and are perfect for allowing air flow and ventilation and providing an alternative escape route. A crank located at the bottom of the frame operates a roto-gear that opens and shuts traditional casement windows. As the sash is closed, the frame’s locking mechanisms force it against the frame and lock it.

    Casement Window

    The casement window opens and closes on a hinge. The window can be opened to all length and closed tightly with a crank located on the corner. Having the windows fully open optimizes airflow and allows full view outside. Depending on your preference, we can install horizontal or vertical casement replacement windows San Francisco. Whether installed vertically or horizontally, the casement window has the ability to swing outward and upward. Hinge mountings are located at the top of the frame.

    Casement Window Components

    The casement window has just the same standard parts as any other type of window:

    Frame – The edge of a window connected to a wall.

    Casings – They are decorative parts of windows that cover the gaps between window frames and walls.

    Sash – A windowpane is held in place by this movable part. As with a frame, it is always constructed from the same material, such as wood, aluminum, or vinyl.

    Crank handle – The piece is located at the bottom of the window and opens the window as it is turned. You can close the window by turning the handle the other way.

    Stays – Many casement windows are equipped with horizontal hardware bars. During windy days, they protect the window from damage by supporting it when it is wide open.

    Latches – In some models, these parts serve as a means of securing the closed window and thus preventing it from opening excessively.

    Hinges – Normally, they have a single location on the window sash and are used to open and close the window.

    Casement Window Types

    • Single Frame Casement Windows.

    These are the most common types of casement replacement windows San Francisco. It is made up of a single frame with wooden strips separating the windowpanes. There are two ways to open it: inward or outward, depending on how it’s mounted.

    Among the benefits of this type of window are:

    Better ventilation – The wide opening of this window allows the room to receive better ventilation.

    Longer lifespan – The frame is hinged on the side, making it a long-lasting casement window.

    Affordability – Installing this window is more affordable than installing other kinds of casement windows.

    • Double Casement Windows / French Casement Windows

    Generally, this type of casement windows has two window frames connected by window hinges on the sides. They also can be opened from the left and right and assembled from the center. It is important to keep in mind that this particular window costs more to install.

    Among the benefits of this type of window are:

    Sunlight and ventilation – This large, wide window will make your home well-ventilated and allow a great deal of natural light inside.

    View – The unrestricted view will be available when you open this window if you choose to install it.

    It requires little maintenance – The windows are easy to clean and don’t require a lot of effort to maintain.

    Alternative escape route – Whenever an emergency exit route is required, this type of casement window is an excellent solution.

    • Push-Out Casement Windows

    Typically, you’ll find this type of window in both single and double configurations. In place of a crank, it has a handle. Although this model is not very popular, it has many advantages.

    Safety – Even when the tilted is open, this replacement windows San Francisco increases your home’s security because of its multi-point locking system.

    Optimal ventilation – The air circulation is superior to most of the types of replacement windows.

    The style – Most architectural styles can be complemented by its classic lines.

    Little Maintenance – Due to the ability to open inwardly, this window is very easy to clean.

    Minimal hardware – With this feature, it can withstand any weather condition and last longer.

    Casement Windows Advantages 

    The windows of this type have a few advantages over the windows of other types, including single-hung and sliding replacement windows San Francisco.

    Modern Design

    A single hung or double hung window is the most popular choice for traditional or traditional-style homes. A casement window, on the other hand, embodies a modern aesthetic and contemporary design. There are also options that feature wide-open windowpanes that provide a view that is unobstructed.

    Elegant Style

    You can see casement windows on buildings from different periods of architectural history because they were invented in the medieval period. There was a great deal of popularity for them during the English Tudor and Spanish Colonial revival periods. Nevertheless, contemporary architectural styles also incorporate these windows in an elegant manner. Increasingly, people are attracted to their simple geometric shapes and clear lines.

    Versatile Solution

    Residential homes can benefit from this unique and versatile type of window. Almost any style or window frame can be adapted to them. It is also possible to choose sizes and colors based on your taste and the style of your home.

    Excellent Ventilation

    There is a top-to-bottom opening on this window. Summer and spring are the best times to keep them open all day long to ensure maximum ventilation.

    Insulation & Energy Efficiency

    Because the panes of these models are sealed, they provide excellent insulation and high energy efficiency. Window sashes are held tightly in place by the seals and frames on all sides. Consequently, casement windows reduce heat loss during winter months by preventing cold air from entering your home and prevent cold air from escaping during the summer months saving you money on utility bills.


    You will receive superior security for your home if you choose double-glazed casement windows.


    It is very easy to open and close casement windows because of their configuration. The window locks can be operated by turning a crank, which makes them an excellent choice for people with disabilities. You can also select an automatic opener model if you need one.

    Clear View & Sunlight

    Because casement windows are large, they will provide you with a clear view whether they are closed or open. Furthermore, they will provide you with an abundance of natural light.

    Getting a Casement Window in CA Has Never Been Easier

    Ready for replacement windows San Francisco? Whether you need a casement window replacement or an installation of a new one, our friendly staff is ready to assist you. Our highly trained installation team, durable, built-to-last windows, and peace of mind warranty coverage make Best Exteriors an ideal choice for all your window-related needs. Get a FREE online quote or request a consultation with one of our specialists by calling us at (888)-853-6277 or filling out our online form.


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