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    Homeowner’s Guide to Buying Windows

    Window shopping can be a daunting experience for many. When shopping for replacement windows Pleasanton CA, it’s crucial to understand the anatomy of a window, the various window styles, the materials you will encounter, and finally what to look for when making your purchase decision. A guide for window replacement that is clear and concise would be useful, since many people do not know the difference between a sash and a side jamb and considering the variety of colors, styles, and makes available on the market today.

    You will find this guide pretty comprehensive when it comes to buying windows for your home. Our team at Best Exteriors cannot wait to assist you in making things easier for you and your family, whether that’s providing you with quality installation services or empowering you through our helpful guide. Here is a brief overview of the anatomy of a window, starting with an overview of the head jambs and sills.

    Window Parts

    Head jambs

    Head jambs are the horizontal top part of the window frame, commonly referred to as the head of the window.

    Grills & muntins

    A grill or muntin is a piece of wood or various other materials such as metal or vinyl that are inserted between panels or used to divide a window. Double pane, triple pane, and single pane plates can be covered with grills, or can be installed directly on the glass. It is typically not expensive to remove muntins, and most companies will allow you to do so for little to no charge.


    In terms of replacement windows Pleasanton CA, glazing refers to the pane of glass. A glazer is a professional who installs windows. Depending on the model, the customizations, and the style of the window, clients can choose single glazed windows, double glazed windows, or triple glazed windows.


    Windowpanes are single sheets of glass installed inside window frames in order to allow light into a room while keeping out the elements. Standard windows generally have two panes. According to the style of the window, the customer’s requirements, and the type of glass, window companies offer a variety of standard and custom window options.


    Sashes are the movable parts of windows, which include windowpanes and the mechanical structure of a window. Sashes can be customized and crafted to meet your unique needs.

    Sash Locks

    For casement or double-hung replacement windows Pleasanton CA, sash locks are two-part mechanisms that secure the sash to the frame centrally. By using these locks, you can limit the amount of air entering your home from the outside and protect it from intruders.


    Window jambs provide structural support for the window. Jambs are located on the sides of windows, while top jambs are located on the top. It is possible to open and close a window with tracks or rails placed inside jambs, depending on the type of window.


    On either side of the sash, there is a stile that serves as the main vertical section of the window. Stiles are present in all windows, and the length of a stile depends on the size of the window itself.


    Rails allow windows to open and close and are generally found on double hung windows. In most cases, a two-piece rail is used to open and close a window. It is the check rail that closes the window and locks it.


    Sills, also known as windowsills, are located at the bottom of window frames. Water and debris are directed downward by sills, away from buildings. A windowsill is an excellent place to place potted plants and décor that will survive direct sunlight.

    Window Styles

    The right window style design can be found regardless of whether you want a traditional look or a design that brings in airflow during the summer. We have compiled a directory of window styles that we have seen in the industry and that we love for any home.

    Single-hung windows

    A single-hung window has an operable bottom sash that tilts inward for easier cleaning as well as greater airflow.

    Double-hung windows

    A double-hung window has both a bottom and top operable sash, making it one of the most popular windows on the market today. Due to their open design, they allow controlled airflow and are often coupled with window screens, so they can be used regardless of the weather.

    Casement windows

    These windows are hinged on one side and open horizontally. They have become a mainstay in larger homes. In addition to being able to operate as stand-alone windows, the windows can also be used as a set of windows for larger spaces. Window seals and locking mechanisms are relatively easy to operate and the windows are quite energy efficient.

    Awning windows

    Due to their superior ventilation and smaller structure, awning replacement windows Pleasanton CA are often found in basements and upper floors. Both new builds and replacement windows use these windows since they can be opened in virtually any weather condition.

    Slider windows

    Most suburban homes use slider windows for bedrooms and bathrooms because of their low profile and ease of use. You can customize the sliding sashes, so they open to the left or to the right. Some homeowners have opted for double sliding windows that open from both sides, perfect for an entertaining area over a patio.

    Bay windows

    Adding a bay window to your home can increase its value and also increase its square footage. They are among the most beautiful windows you can buy. It is common for bay windows to have an angle of 30 degrees, 45 degrees, or 90 degrees, and their three-window design allows natural light to flow into the room.

    Bow windows

    Like bay windows, bow windows increase the square footage of your house. Curved or bowed bow windows may be fixed or operable, depending on the client’s preference.

    Custom shaped windows

    There are so many options when it comes to custom windows. It can be the centerpiece of a room or simply that little extra feature that ties the room together, and it can add much-needed ventilation or light to the space.

    Whether you need replacement windows or new windows installed, Best Exteriors can help. We have been committed to this mission since we opened our shop. We can install and test your windows to ensure they are performing up to standard, and to ensure the frames are waterproof and do not transfer air to the environment. Get a FREE quote or request a consultation with one of our specialists by calling us at (888)-853-6277 or filling out our online form.


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