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    Home Window Replacement San Francisco & The Entire Bay Area

    [vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]If you are looking to replace your window for an affordable price or upgrade for improved energy efficiency and better functionality, we are here to help. At Best Exteriors’ you can easily find the perfect home window replacement San Francisco Bay Area to complement your house style.

    Window Types:

    Single-hung window

    Consider the style that started all of it if you’re shopping for new windows. Single-hung windows have endured over time due to their simplicity and practicality. The classic functions of our window products make them easy to operate, easy to maintain and easy on your budget.

    Double-Hung Windows

    Most American homes feature double-hung windows. There are two operable sashes within this window, which move vertically inside the frame. Air can be circulated and ventilated more easily by raising or lowering them from the bottom or top. Also, you can easily clean the outside of double-hung windows by tilting the sashes out.

    Casement Windows

    These types of windows open outward with a hinged sash. The crank is used to open and close the windows. The entire panel of a hinged casement window opens for ventilation. Window panels often act as wind catchers, directing passing breezes into the home based on the placement of the window.

    Sliding Windows

    Slide windows open horizontally with a single panel, providing a significant amount of natural light and fresh air into a home. Their versatility, durability, and scalability have kept them popular for years. For areas that are hard to reach, this style is perfect. Large openings are particularly suited to this design.

    Awning Windows

    An awning window opens outward using a crank.  As a functional alternative to a transom window, they are ideal for areas that are difficult to reach, including above a kitchen sink. If you are considering an awning window for a room that requires privacy (such as a bedroom or bathroom) while you still desire access to natural light, you are making a wise choice.

    Bay Windows

    A bay window is a set of three angled panels that protrudes from a home’s exterior. Instead of extending from a wall in an angular manner, bow windows follow a curved path. Exterior walls with a width of 40 inches or greater work best for bay windows. A window seat or reading nook could be incorporated into a window seat that extends further from the building and provides extra interior space. A bay window captures a significant amount of natural light from diverse directions, which is why homeowners find them appealing.

    Bow Windows

    Bow windows are rounded roof-mounted casement windows arranged in a curved line along the exterior of a home. A bow window looks similar to a bay window, except that it is curved, semi-circular in shape, instead of being square or rectangular, giving it a classic, elegant and traditional appearance.

    Four or five similar-sized windows are usually used for bow windows. The best place for bow windows is on an exterior wall or in a corner with a minimum of 80 inches in size. Bow windows create the impression of a larger, brighter room by extending beyond the exterior walls of a residence.

    Custom Windows

    Window styles can be tailored to fit a specific customer’s needs. Almost any size, shape, or design can be constructed for these windows based on your specifications. A custom window can be designed in almost any way you desire.

    Interested in custom home window replacement San Francisco Bay Area? We are here to help! Contact one of the experts at Best Exteriors for a free consultation.


    Q: Are new construction windows different from replacement windows?

    A: New construction (or contractor) windows typically are of lower quality than replacement grade windows because new home builders and contractors aim to maximize their return on investment by buying the cheapest products they can find.

    Q: What are the signs that my windows need to be replaced?

    A: Here are some ways to tell if you need to replace your windows:

    • Despite having metal windows, your energy bills are increasing abnormally
    • Framing made from wood that is constantly going through maintenance and expands and contracts because of humidity
    • An out-of-balance balance cord has made windows impossible to slide up and down
    • Cracked or broken glass
    • Inter-pane condensation
    • Inefficient or old glass
    • Your window is letting air in

    Home window replacement San Francisco Bay Area could save you money on energy bills by making your home more energy efficient.

    Q: What is the recommended frequency for replacing home windows?

    A: What truly determines when windows need to be replaced is the quality of the windows and the quality of the installation.

    Professionally installed high-quality windows will likely mean that you won’t have to replace them for as long as you reside in the house. Modern windows are built to last for at least 30 years, if not longer. In addition to the higher quality replacement window products and testing, the engineering that goes into each design is extremely detailed and thorough, allowing for longer service life.

    Q: Approximately how long will it take to install windows?

    A: Home window replacement San Francisco Bay Area can typically be installed in 1-2 days. Determining the time, it will take to remove and install a window depends on its type. Most windows take about 30 minutes to remove and install. The trimming and cleaning might take a little longer.

    If you are interested in home window replacement San Francisco & The Entire Bay Area but don’t know where to start, our specialists will be happy to assist you. You can easily schedule a free consultation or get a free quote on your window project on our website. Get an estimate for your window project now! [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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