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    Everything You Need to Know About Awning Windows

    Today, awning windows are one of the most popular types of windows found in homes because of their simple design and high performance. Awning windows complement many types of interior design themes and are ideal for certain parts of the home.

    This guide from Best Exteriors helps you understand why you might consider awning replacement windows Hayward CA and gives you a look at some of the benefits they can offer.

    Awning Windows

    In awning windows, the roof hinges open the window to the outside and the bottom portion opens to the inside. To offer a specialized look and excellent functionality, these windows are typically horizontal rather than vertical. They come in a variety of sizes and finishes, and they are designed to be simple and minimalistic.

    • Generally, awning windows open by cranking or pushing the bottom hinge at the top.
    • Awning windows are usually rectangular and have a greater width than height.
    • In addition to providing excellent ventilation, awning windows are affordable, provide privacy and security, and allow unobstructed views.
    • An awning window works best against a wall or above a sink or countertop or in other hard to reach places.
    • Contemporary homes look great with awning windows; however, they are versatile enough for any style of home

    Awning Windows Operation

    Awning replacement windows Hayward CA can either be operated by cranking, pushing, or pulling their hardware, depending on how they are constructed. “Awning” refers to a window’s raised glass portion, which provides a shelter much like an awning on a porch. The most common shape is rectangular, and the height is usually greater than the width.

    There is usually only one sash on these windows, and they are operated by cranks that turn clockwise and counterclockwise. The addition of extra features such as extendable poles that can be attached to the hardware and turned to reach high windows can make them more accessible. These windows even have an extra level of security – hidden lock status sensor. The push-out awning window offers a clean aesthetic for scenic glass views and is a simplified version of this window style.

    Awning Windows: Where to Place

    An awning window is ideal for placing over areas that are difficult to reach, such as sinks and countertops. These windows are also a good choice for small areas since they do not consume much space and do not swing inward to take up valuable square footage. As a result, they are very popular choices for kitchens and bathrooms.

    It is also possible to install awning windows above laundry machines in utility rooms as well as above dressers in bedrooms. Those places benefit from awning windows because they provide additional ventilation and light without having to expose too much of their privacy. The awning window is also a common feature in basements and offers a great degree of security.

    Awning windows with obscured-view glass could be used in bathrooms or other interior spaces where privacy is a concern. For instance, you can choose frosted or sandblasted decorative glass options.  It doesn’t matter what room of the house an awning window is in, grooved decorative glass adds an interesting touch. In order to ensure safety, consider tempered glass when choosing an awning window for use over a bathtub or shower.

    Awning Windows: How They Compliment Other Styles

    Awning replacement windows Hayward CA can create a balanced appearance in a room on their own or be used in conjunction with other styles of windows. For instance, when paired with casement windows, awning windows add visual interest and diversity to a room.

    Alternatively, awning windows and large picture windows can also be used together, since awning windows maximize ventilation and picture windows maximize views. The combination of these two types provides the best of both worlds, especially if several awning windows are placed above the picture window. Using a combination of window styles in a home in this way gives you more control over the air flow and maximizes the amount of natural light.

    Awning Windows: Best Suitable Styles of Homes

    Modern awning windows complement a variety of architectural details and look lovely in contemporary homes. Since awning windows seamlessly blend into the background and provide homeowners with light and air, they can be easily added to either a traditional or modern home.

    Many Craftsman Bungalow houses feature awning windows in combination with casements and double hungs. You may see these combinations in pairs or threes. It is also possible to create a border along a prairie-style house by arranging awning windows together in a row.

    Modern homes often feature awning replacement windows Hayward CA situated below large picture windows to let in fresh air and additional light. Examples can be seen in homes that feature a lot of straight lines and minimal touches.

    Awning Windows: Pros & Cons

    The use of awning windows may be more appropriate for certain household situations than others, as with all window types. If you’re considering purchasing awning windows for your home, here are some pros and cons to consider.


    • Natural light and great ventilation
    • Filters out debris without restricting airflow
    • If it rains, it can be left open
    • Outside views are unobstructed
    • Provides excellent security and privacy
    • A cost-effective and affordable window style


    • Outside viewing area is smaller
    • Placing it high on a wall may make it difficult to clean
    • Weather exposure requires frequent cleaning
    • Escape routes aren’t typically available

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