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    Anlin Windows FAQ

    Anlin Windows | FAQ

    The Anlin brand has long been recognized as one of America’s leading replacement vinyl window and door manufacturers. Whether it’s design, structure, or climate, its products are tailored to meet the needs of consumers. They produce vinyl window replacements that are cost-effective, long-lasting, and nationally recognized.

    For over 2 decades, Best Exteriors has been assisting San Francisco homeowners with Anlin windows replacement projects delivering quality service and products. To make the process even easier we compiled the most common questions about Anlin windows. Call us (888) 853-6277 to request a quote!



    Q: Are there different types of Anlin windows?

    A: Anlin windows come in a variety of styles. Here are the most popular ones.


    Single Slider Window

    A single slider window has one fixed sash and an opening and closing sash that slides from one side to the other. Due to their inward opening, single slider windows are ideal for rooms close to shrubs, trees, walkways, and patios.


    Double Slider Window

    A double slider window allows for more air circulation as both sashes can move left or right. The double slider doesn’t open outwards, so it can be installed in rooms close to shrubs, trees, walkways, and patios. A deeper frame is required for double sliders to accommodate the double-acting sashes.


    Single Hung Window

    A single-hung window consists of two sashes. During opening, the bottom sash slides up and the top sash remains stationary. The bottom sash also tilts inward, making cleaning easy from inside the house.


    Double Hung Window

    Double-hungs have two movable sashes. They can both open simultaneously for improved ventilation, and they tilt in so they can be easily cleaned from the inside.


    Casement Window

    Casement windows provide an unobstructed view while also allowing air to circulate. Hinges on either side allow them to swing outward easily with a crank handle.


    Awning Window

    Awning windows open outward from the bottom with a crank. They provide ventilation as well as rain protection.


    Bay & Bow Windows

    The bay or bow window adds dimension to your room, broadens your view and brings in more natural light. The bay window consists of three panels and offers a more pronounced, angular projection. A bow window is comprised of four or more panels, creating a more gentle and rounded appearance.


    Picture Window

    The clear views and abundant natural light from picture windows make any room feel spacious and bright. A picture window does not open, so there are no moving sashes to block the view.


    Geometric Window

    The term geometric window is used to describe shapes that do not have four 90-degree corners, such as half-rounds, French arches, trapezoids, and triangles. Your San Francisco home can benefit from their bold architectural features, add of natural light and increased visual interest.


    Garden Window

    The garden window is a great choice to brighten up kitchens and bathrooms. Besides providing more light into the room, they also provide a perfect shelf for plants and décor.



    Q: What are the features of Anlin windows?

    A: In terms of window technology, Anlin is undoubtedly the leader. Anlin’s proprietary titanium dioxide-infused vinyl extrusions are engineered for strength, endurance, and energy efficiency.  Anlin’s designs are state-of-the-art, featuring a high level of temperature tolerance, a low thermal expansion factor, and precision engineering. Here are some of the most innovative features embedded in Anlin windows.


    Architectural frame with foam insulation

    The innovative design of Anlin XTRU formula provides superior thermal values. By infusing low conductance green foam in specific dead air chambers in window frames, Anlin windows can achieve maximum energy efficiency.


    Smooth, high-quality operation

    With Anlin Del Mar’s Expanded Series, high-quality rollers and a stainless-steel balance system, sliding and hung windows operate freely and smoothly.


    Weather-tight seal

    With four barriers of filler, the Anlin antimicrobial triple-fin weatherstrip provides a tighter seal that protects against wind, dirt, bacteria, moisture, and sound.


    Heavy-Duty Screen Frame with Antimicrobial Mesh & Watershed Coating

    Antimicrobial protection is used in Alin screens in order to provide clearer viewing, improved airflow, insect protection, and watershed technology. The Anlin Aluma-Force heavy-duty screen frame is made from extruded aluminum, has thick walls for excellent strength, has a built-in pull rail for easy removal and is made to last.


    Sound Package

    With Anlin Sound Package, unwanted noise can be reduced by as much as 50%. Variable glass thickness helps reduce bounce and vibrations, and argon gas reduces sound transmission. Enjoy the comfort of your new San Francisco home without worries about outside noise.


    Security and Fiberglass Reinforcement

    The Anlin Inner Core consists of rigid, ultra-strong fiberglass reinforced inserts for extremely effective insulation and strength. A continuous interlocking rail prevents unauthorized entry or jimmying of the lock hardware and has passed the most rigorous requirements for resistance to forced entry.



    Q: What are the features of Anlin windows glass?

    A: Each Anlin window is equipped with a high-performance glass. The following are a few of the best:


    Anlin Armor

    This easy-to-peel protective film keeps your windows in pristine condition during manufacture, delivery, and installation.


    Anlin SunMatrix

    This technology features four layers of low-E coating that reflect solar heat and reduce its penetration into the home.


    PLUS Easy Clean Coating

    A coat that reduces pollutants and dirt, allowing your windows to stay cleaner.


    Platinum Elite Spacer

    The industry’s most advanced warm edge spacer, commercially rated, low conductance and thermally efficient.


    True Dual Seal

    A moisture vapor barrier bonded to a commercial-grade structural silicone assures durability for a lifetime.


    Moisture Stop

    A high efficiency silica-based drying agent which continuously removes moisture vapor from the interior of the unit.


    Argon Gas

    A thin layer of insulation on the outside of insulated glass that slows the transfer of heat.



    A heat retention coating helps maintain warmth inside your house on cold days and nights.


    Interested in Anlin Windows in San Francisco! Call us 888-853-6277 or contact Best Exteriors for a consultation or request a quote online!


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