Justin P. Citrus Heights, CA
We had over 30 windows replaced and three back doors. These guys gave us a great deal with an option to finance with no interest. The job ended up taking them two days longer, but it seems like all the projects we have done at our house have always take longer than expected. They cleaned up very well everyday before they left and did a great job when they were finished with the job as well. One down side to our project was that one of our back doors was not big enough for the opening of our original door and we now need to get a tile reducer to fill a gap we have by one of our back doors. We were not warned about this being a possible issue before the job started. A concern we have is the back doors are vinyl and just don't know how durable they will actually be throughout the years, since they can't be painted or seemed to be repaired very easily. Even with the issue of the tile reducer, a few small cracks in our stucco siding (which I was able to fix because they were not too bad), and our concerns about the vinyl doors, I would strongly recommend this company if you are looking for a great price and a professional quality of work.