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    Complete guide to double hung windows.

    In addition to providing maximum ventilation, our double-hung windows are easy to clean and can be opened from the bottom as well as from the top, allowing fresh air to flow through your house. Clean-up is simple with tilt-in windows, especially on multi level homes where exterior washing can be time-consuming and inconvenient.

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    What is a Double-Hung Window?

    In a double hung window, which is also called a double-sash window, there are two sashes that can open and close independently of one another. A double-hung window consists of two main components – the top sash and the bottom sash. The top and bottom sashes can be opened to allow air to circulate throughout the house.

    Many farmhouses and traditional homes have double-hung windows. Simple grille patterns lend a modest touch of charm and enhance the traditional aesthetic.

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    Why Double-Hung Window?

    In the United States, double-hung windows are extremely popular. The traditional appearance of double-hung windows can complement any home style – but there are a number of other advantages, among them:

    Ventilation is superior

    In addition to great ventilation capabilities, double-hung windows provide airflow control, which is perhaps one of the greatest advantages they offer. It is best to open both top and bottom sashes so you can expel warm indoor air through them, while at the same time allowing cool, fresh air to come in. As a result, your indoor air will be cleaner and warmer.

    Adaptable to aesthetics

    These windows are ideal for any home or room due to their classic appeal. They’re available in lots of colors, styles, and sizes. Double-hung windows go well with whatever style of home you have, whether contemporary or traditional.

    Easily maintained

    Maintenance is easy with this type of window. A tilt-out sash is a great feature of double-hung windows, making cleaning easier. With two sets of sliding windows, both interiors and exteriors can be cleaned from inside. Depending on the model, the sashes may even be removable. Aside from cleaning the system regularly, you should also ensure that all other parts are properly lubricated, and that the system is properly maintained. Your windows are bound to last a long time with minimal maintenance requirements that any homeowner can easily follow.


    Air conditioners and screens can be easily installed in double-hung windows. Usually, AC units are held safely by most units, as they slide up and down rather than being cranked out or slipped to the side.

    Operational Safety

    The double-hung window does not crank out or project outward as earlier mentioned. Its design prevents accidents in areas of high traffic, for instance walkways, patios, and decks. Additionally, double-hung windows can be locked, so that whenever they are shut, burglars will find it extremely difficult to get in.


    Aside from providing superior ventilation, these windows also let plenty of natural light into the room. Fibrex – a proprietary composite material – with Low-E glass is a great choice to further enhance energy savings.

    There are many advanced window products available on the market today. Don’t be overwhelmed by their range. Research properly which windows will work best for your home and then make your choice based on your research.

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    Can double hung windows be used in any home style?

    Traditional American homes with double hung windows include colonials, Victorians, craftsman, ranch, cottage, farmhouse, and Tudor style homes. For an added touch of custom flavor and a chance to completely transform your home’s curb appeal, consider a grille pattern for your double hung windows.

    What sizes of double hung windows exist?

    Various standard window sizes are available for double hung windows. Frequently installed in the kitchen, bedroom, halls, and other areas of the house. A variety of dimensions are available, ranging in width from 24 to 48 inches and height from 36 to 72 inches.

    What types of double hung windows exist?

    Vinyl, fiberglass, aluminum and wood are all available for double hung window frames. There are a number of different types of double hung windows available on the market, but the most affordable and most stable is the vinyl double hung window. A double-hung window made from fiberglass will cost more, but it will provide excellent weather resistant, strength and thermally insulating properties. A double-hung window made from aluminum will last for a long time although they let more energy through than the other options.

    Probably the most expensive window frame is the wooden double hung. Even though they’re one of the toughest windows, they’re more likely to expand and contract than other types and can cause problems over time. Depending on the material you choose for the window frame, new windows will also cost differently.

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    What is the best way to clean double hung windows?

    One of the best things about double hung windows is that they’re easy to clean. Because you can wash both sides of double hung windows from inside, they’re easier to clean than single hung windows. By tipping the sash back towards you can get to either side of the window.

    How energy-efficient are double-hung windows?

    In the modern market, double hung windows come with quadruple weather stripping and are among the most energy efficient windows available. There are two or three layers of glass in each window section, with gas between them. As a result, these windows are highly insulated, and thus can keep wind and heat out. If the window is installed properly, neither the middle of the window nor the edges lose heat.

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