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    Some types of replacement windows Berkeley CA go hand-in-hand with certain architectural styles. Craftsman and Colonial homes often feature dormer windows, while Victorian houses often have stained glass windows. But regardless of the style of home you own, single-hung and double-hung windows will complement almost any aesthetic. These window styles are among the most popular throughout the country because of their classic, timeless look.

    Double Hung Window

    There are two sashes on the inside of a double hung window, one on top of the other. The sashes can be tilted open, and most panes are designed with stylish grids to enhance the aesthetics of your home. It is important to note that double-hung windows will increase air circulation and ventilation in your home. For instance, you can open both sashes simultaneously to cool your home quickly in the spring or summer.

    Double-Hung Windows History

    Many centuries of Western culture have been devoted to double-hung windows. Double-hung sash windows first appeared before the 17th century in the UK, but their design was different from what we know today. During the mid-18th century, sash windows started to appear on homes in the US, both single-hung and double-hung.

    Increasingly thick and reliable window sashes were developed with the evolution of glass styles. This led to a change in the style of these windows. It is true that double-hung window styles have continuously evolved over time to meet modern design needs. Something similar to what we know today first appeared during the 19th century in the UK.

    Double-Hung Windows Benefits

    There are numerous benefits to this type of replacement windows Berkeley CA. The most important of them include:


    Window ability to efficiently cool or ventilate your home is important no matter what the weather is like. When double-hung windows are installed, both sashes can be opened, allowing you to adjust the flow of air into and out of your home. You can let cooler air into your home by opening the bottom sash, while you can push warmer air outside by opening the top sash.

    Energy efficiency

    Choosing double hung replacement windows Berkeley CA from Best Exterior can make a big difference in your home’s energy efficiency. With its Low-E glass and argon gas fill, the glass panes reflect heat and help insulate your house. The large windows also allow ample natural light into the room, helping to reduce the costs associated with heating and lighting.

    It’s easy to clean

    Most other window styles require more effort to clean than double-hung windows. It is much easier to clean both sides of your exterior windows from inside your home instead of hiring professional cleaners or climbing on a ladder. You can easily tilt the glass towards yourself with the locking mechanism in order to wipe it clean with minimal effort. We recommend that you clean your windows twice a year, both on the interior and the exterior.

    Operational simplicity

    Easy-to-open, easy-to-close, and easy-to-care for, these windows offer an excellent value. They require little maintenance other than regular cleaning and occasional inspection and lubrication of moving parts. Furthermore, their vertically opening sashes also make it easy to install air conditioners.

    Feels comfortable

    When it’s warm outside, you need good windows that allow plenty of light into your home. In cooler weather and storms, they need to stay sealed tight. It doesn’t matter what the weather is outside – you’ll feel comfortable and safe in your home with double-hung windows.

    Appealing to the eye

    One of the first things you’ll consider when selecting windows for your home is their appearance. A double-hung window is not only functional, but also attractive. Furthermore, they look stunning on any house due to the wide range of customization options available.

    Double-Hung Windows Frames

    Generally, single-hung and double-hung replacement windows Berkeley CA are made from the same materials (and may be designed similarly), though manufacturers may make them differently.

    You can choose from the following window frame options:

    • Wood (most commonly pine or fir, mahogany, maple or oak)
    • Fiberglass
    • Vinyl
    • Aluminum
    • Composite

    The following are some things you should know about each type of window frame:


    Traditional window material such as wood can be painted and stained to meet your needs. A wooden window frame is more expensive and needs to be painted or sealed periodically to prevent weather damage, however, wood windows are still very popular among homeowners. Clad wood windows require little maintenance and last longer than regular wood windows because they are covered in vinyl, fiberglass, or aluminum.


    In addition to being popular, it’s also one of the cheapest types of frames. It’s easy to maintain, but vinyl frames last less than wood ones.


    The cost of fiberglass window frames is slightly higher than those made of vinyl, since fiberglass is more durable. In addition to being well insulated, fiberglass is less prone to expanding and contracting with changes in temperature.


    Among the benefits of aluminum windows are their strength, light weight, and low maintenance requirements. In addition to being molded into a variety of unique shapes, the material allows for a narrow frame, which allows for more glass space and expansive views. Aluminum window frames, however, can be hard to locate, are more expensive, and do not provide as much insulation as other types of windows.


    The composite window frame is made up of polymers and wood and is often more durable and energy-efficient than vinyl or wood windows. Compared to vinyl windows, composite windows offer the appearance of all-wood windows at a slightly higher price point.

    Ready for replacement windows Berkeley CA? We are ready to assist you whether you need a double hung window replacement or installation. Best Exteriors provides high-quality, durable, built-to-last windows, as well as peace of mind warranty coverage. Get a FREE quote or request a consultation with one of our specialists by calling us at (888)-853-6277 or filling out our online form.