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    The Double Hung Window: What is it?

    Homeowners frequently choose double-hung windows for replacement of older windows as this type has two movable sashes, the top and bottom. That means both sashes can be opened ensuring increased airflow and ventilation. In double hung windows, both sashes tilt, so you can clean them easily, which is a great solution for cleaning really tough to clean windows on upper floors.

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    America’s homes were transformed by the advent of double hung windows. Dating from the 18th century, this type of window became extremely popular and till these days didn’t lose its high demand. Here are some of the important benefits of double hung windows that might be helpful in understanding its popularity.

    Windows with timeless appeal

    Especially suitable for homes with historic architecture, these windows are known for their traditional appeal. With the advancement of technology, double-hung windows have become suitable replacement windows for many homes. In addition, they come in a huge variety of styles and finishes.

    An easy-to-maintain system

    Today, tilt out sashes are common in double hung windows. They make both the interior and exterior of the windows easier to clean. In addition, this system does not require regular maintenance.

    Effortless operation and safety

    Double-hung windows have vertical tracks that move the sashes. Due to this design element, areas like decks, patios, and corridors that get a lot of traffic have a lower risk of accidents. Additionally, the sashes are interlocked, making the windows extremely secure thus making it difficult for intruders to enter.

    Air circulation

    Primarily because this type of windows offers excellent ventilation, they are so popular among homeowners. You may control the amount of air entering and leaving your home with a simple lift of the sash. Fresh, cool air comes in through the bottom sash, while warm air leaves from the top sash. You may adjust both sashes to let in maximum ventilation.

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    Your home’s energy efficiency and exterior and interior appearance can be improved by choosing the right window style; thus, it is important to find a proper replacement. It’s possible to choose from an array of styles of windows depending on what works best for your space. However, replacement double hung windows are the most popular choice for homes because of their simplicity, flexibility, air flow, and ease of cleaning.

    Besides delivering top-quality glass, proven energy-saving capabilities, a Lifetime Warranty and an affordable price point, our windows also deliver a great value.

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    Q: What are the costs of double-hung windows?

    A: You may get varying answers when asking this question, as this question has been by far the most popular. Numerous factors, including size, frame materials, and energy efficiency options, influence the cost of double hung windows.

    Q: Will double-hung windows improve my home’s energy efficiency?

    A: Installing new windows can certainly reduce energy consumption. Nevertheless, there are a few important components that should appear on your windows for maximum energy efficiency. Be sure that your glass package includes these elements when you’re choosing your new double-hung windows:

    • Triple-pane or double-paned glass. Although dual pane can reduce energy costs, triple pane will significantly lower them.
    • A krypton or argon gas. Such gasses possess no odor or color. Dual or triple pane windows are manufactured with them between the panes. By using more dense gasses, windows become more efficient at retaining heat. Because of its effectiveness and low cost, argon is a popular choice.
    • Certification by the Energy Star. Energy Star certification is given to windows that are the most energy efficient.

    Q: What is the best way to clean double hung windows?

    A: A double hung window is undoubtedly among the easiest to clean. This window style eliminates the need for ladders and the need to overcome your fear of heights. A tilt-in sash is an integral part of the design of the double hung window. The sash can be opened by pulling it toward you after pressing the release buttons. You can then clean the glass and the frames with your cleaning product of choice. Baking soda and a touch of vinegar can be used to remove stubborn dirt from the windowsill. Using a toothbrush to scrub the track, then using a paper towel to remove any remaining residue.

    Q: Is it possible to install double hung windows during the winter?

    A: Any type of window, including double hungs, can be installed during the winter. Winter window installation involves a few special measures, such as closing all interior doors and replacing only one window at a time. Double hung windows San Francisco and The Entire Bay Area can be installed at any time of the year – even in the winter.

    Q: How do you decide whether to install a double-hung window?

    A: Double-hung windows are constructed from the premium materials. Their quality, durability, and energy efficiency make them a very popular choice among homeowners. The double-hung window is the best choice if you are looking for a simple, timeless window that optimizes energy efficiency.

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