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Window Replacement San Francisco

Are you considering replacing your old windows or repairing them? You can learn about replacement options, relative cost, and effectiveness of window repairs, as well as determining whether a window should be saved or thrown out.

Should I replace my windows or repair them?

Window replacement offers a number of benefits, including smooth operation, low maintenance, less drafts, easier cleaning, and moderate energy savings. However, they’re expensive, so consider your options for repairing and maintaining your old windows before making a decision.

We are tempted by new windows because they are easy to maintain, offer lower maintenance, lower energy consumption, and are easier to clean. However, they are costly, and installing them is almost as expensive as the cost of the windows.

Consider these three questions when evaluating your old windows and weighing the benefits of getting windows replacement San Francisco.

  1. Do your old windows cause you trouble?

How many minor maintenance jobs are required to keep your windows running smoothly, or do you not mind them? Think about:

Effortless operation

When you want ventilation, are the windows easy to move, swing, or slide, or are they difficult to open?

Painting and scraping

It is necessary to maintain painted windows on a regular basis. This will prevent them from rotting and falling apart. Aluminum or vinyl cladded windows or windows made of vinyl or composites eliminate this chore.


Does condensation regularly accumulate on the glass, obstructing your view and soaking the trim? New windows with energy-efficient glass can help reduce the problem.

Storm windows

Is it okay with you if I clean, maintain, and put up and take down storm windows? Is it time to replace your storm windows?


Do you avoid doing this because it is so difficult? There are many new windows that make cleaning easier than ever.

  1. Is it comfortable to use your old windows?

When the weather is hot and sunny, single-pane windows can make rooms feel chilly and dry. The comfort of your home can be greatly improved by replacement windows San Francisco with double panes of glass. Direct sunlight can be blocked while still allowing light to pass through (no need for shades). This will reduce cold drafts and freezing temperatures. Furthermore, they will reduce condensation so you can maintain a higher, more comfortable level of indoor humidity in cold weather. You will also save on your fuel bills with energy-efficient windows, but rarely enough to justify the investment if your current windows are in good condition.

  1. Is it worth repairing your old windows?

If you’re willing to spend the time and have the right replacement hardware, it’s almost always possible to restore old windows. However, the effort and costs are not always worth it. Some of the biggest issues are:

Double pane of glass fogged with condensation

It isn’t possible to fix the fogging between glass panes. The only solution is to replace the glass (sometimes the entire sash). If a professional does this, it can be difficult and expensive. A new window costs more than the “fix-it” cost.


If you don’t replace rotted wood and maintain it regularly, it’s hard to stop rot after it starts (a difficult task). Think about replacement.

Sagging casement (crank-out) windows

Wear-out crank mechanisms can usually be repaired but bent or worn hinges can be more difficult to replace. If possible, get window replacement San Francisco.

Replacement hardware that is difficult to find

If you know the window brand and model number, contact the manufacturer or local window dealer. Online suppliers offer a number of hard-to-find parts. Often, however, new windows are the only solution.

Does it make sense to replace the windows all at once?

Maintain a balance between the appearance of your home and your budget. You’re probably going to find that new windows look quite different from old ones, even if you try to match them closely. It looks somewhat different from clear glass even the glass itself (low-E is recommended). Therefore, replacing one or two in a conspicuous area may not be a good idea. You might consider replacing all the windows on one side (or floor, if you have a two-story home) to keep the house’s appearance consistent. A house’s windows often deteriorate faster on one side than the other.

How to buy replacement windows?

Details matter when it comes to quality. To find replacement window San Francisco, we recommend comparing different brands or models within the same brand at a showroom. Here are some features to consider:


Feel free to experiment with the display windows. How smoothly do they open and close? How solid are the cranks, runners, and locking mechanisms? Do they look like they will last a long time? Is the window latching securely without difficulty? Are the weatherstrippings snug? Can the screens be easily removed?


Take a moment to think about your home’s windows. Are the windows designed to blend in with your home’s interior and exterior? Can they withstand high winds and humidity? How tightly and cleanly fit the muntins? How appealing is the hardware? You won’t have to scrape and retouch the paint if you choose a low-maintenance exterior (such as vinyl or aluminum).


Are you able to easily clean both interior and exterior glass if cleaning is a priority? Remove or rotate sashes to test their ability to clean.


In the event that something breaks or wears out, are parts available? Is weatherstripping replaceable when it wears out? For both of these questions, a company with a long track record is more likely to serve its customers well into the future. How difficult is it to replace a broken or fogged piece of glass?

Selection of glass

In recent years, energy-efficient double-pane glass has become commonplace. There are two additional features that almost always make the extra investment worthwhile: a low-E coating and argon gas between the panes. This type of glass is available from most manufacturers in two versions: one designed for cold climates and one that controls sunlight in warmer climates. If your air conditioning costs more than your heating, choose the warm-climate type; if your heating costs more, choose the cold-climate type.


Comparison of parts and finishes warranties. A common cause of fogging between double panes of glass is the failure of the seal between them. Make sure your warranty covers glass replacement for at least 20 years. Maintain a record of your window replacement project, purchase receipt and warranty.

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