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Your home is your happy place. It’s where you feel safe and carefree. Your home will always be at the center of your life, and it’s so important to keep it warm, comfortable and cozy.

Best Exteriors is the best custom windows, replacement windows San Francisco, door window replacement and installation contractor in California. We are a friendly and professional team of window replacement and installation contractors and provide full home window replacement and new window installation services for our clients. We value your home and will treat it as our own. We will help you pick the windows that will be a perfect fit and will add a unique touch, character and elegance to your home interior and exterior.

We are a professional window replacement company located in California and specialize in new window installation, replacement slider windows, casement windows installation, bow windowsbay windowsawning windows, double pane window replacement, door window replacement, and vinyl replacement windows. Our experience is in both residential and office windows installation.

We value your home and your satisfaction is our main priority. Our experienced professional team will be happy to make your home even more cozy and comfortable with beautiful new windows. We assure you that our work is always good quality and our window contractors use only best vinyl and other high quality materials. We are one of the best window replacement companies in California.

The process of window installation will vary slightly for window replacement versus windows installation. Let’s go over each process in more detail.

Window Installation Preparation


To help us make the process of windows replacement smooth and stress-free for you, we will ask you to prepare the spaces for your installation date.

To prepare for windows replacement, we will ask you to move all items that might blocking the windows inside or outside of your house. A few examples of items inside could be curtains, furniture, shelves, pictures, photographs, plants, rags or any other items that might be on the way. You will also need to mark or cover any plants or bushes outside or in your garden that might be close to the windows to keep them safe while the windows removal and installation is being completed.

Once your indoor and outdoor spaces are ready, our window replacement and installation contractors can begin work. Since most of our clients are located in California, the weather usually allows for fast and easy window installation.

Window replacement California

If you are located in California, we will schedule the installation date and time and our experienced team of window installers will start getting ready for your windows replacement. Prior to the installation date our team will confirm with you any special requests or needs. The whole process may take 1-2 days.

Our professional window replacement contractors and installers will bring in new windows, will get the space ready for work, and will start removing old windows.

Once the existing windows have been removed, we will prepare the window spaces for the new windows and weatherproof your windows.

We will install the window by pushing it into place and then fixing it with the screws.

Once installed, we will test your new windows to ensure the quality and proper fit. We will clean up all affected areas: in your rooms, outdoors in your garden.

New window installation in California

The new window installation process is slightly different. Your new windows will be installed by from scratch.

For your new and replacement windows we use only best window contractors that specialize in replacing the best and energy efficient windows on the market: vinyl windows, double hung windows, door windows, sliding windows, casement windows and other and use high quality materials. We are among the best home window companies in California that specializes in both replacement and new window installation. We believe that replacing a window or installing a door must be done right to avoid any possible complications in the future.

We will always take all your special requests into consideration.

The process of window installation and installing vinyl windows will start with installing flashing. Flashing will need to be put around a window from the bottom up. This will weatherproof and waterproof your windows.

Flashing carefully around the top and bottom of a window is very important. It’s vital to waterproof the sill prior to window installation. During the cold and rainy weather, when water hits flashing, it runs off the lower portion of it, and doesn’t get inside. Unfortunately, some vinyl window and casement window companies do not follow this process correctly, and this may lead to additional work in the future.

Once flashing is installed, the window’s sill will be set into the bottom part of the rough opening. Then the window frames will be gradually pushed in until nailing fins are flush against the wall.

This process might be slightly different for the door window installation and other types of window installation.

After the new windows are installed, they will be tested to ensure proper fit and functionality. As always we are proud to deliver good quality service and will confidently give you our warranty to make you feel even more confident choosing Best Exteriors.

“Best Exteriors” among window replacement companies California

We know that every home is unique, and there is no other home exactly like yours, and this is why our windows replacement installation approach is individually crafted for every client.

Our fast hassle-free window replacement process was designed with your satisfaction in mind. We are not just another window company. Your happiness is our main goal. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work.

Best Exteriors are experts in both residential and office windows installation. From choosing the windows that are a perfect fit for your unique home to windows removal, replacement, installation and service, our friendly team of Best Exteriors specialists located in California will be with you every step of the way.

We work with the most qualified and experienced windows suppliers, vinyl window companies, and windows contractors in the industry that make our client satisfaction their top priority.

You can be assured that we will treat your home as if it was our own, and all of your questions will always be answered. We would love you to become our next happy customer.

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